Painting Day in Knoxville, TN on 3/30/13
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Thread: Painting Day in Knoxville, TN on 3/30/13

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    Default Painting Day in Knoxville, TN on 3/30/13

    Knoxville Area Miniature Painters is holding a free miniature painting day! We’ve had a few meets in the past, but I’m hoping to start having more regular meetings where painters can gather together to share tips and tricks, get feedback on our painting, and have fun hanging out with other people who enjoy the hobby.

    Where: HobbyTown USA at Turkey Creek
    When: Saturday, March 30th from noon to 6pm

    Whether you paint for armies, role-playing games, display or just for fun, whether you like fantasy, science fiction or historical figures, all painters are welcome! All you need are your brushes and a miniature or three to work on. (Or just bring your brushes and buy a mini at the store!) I will have a large selection of Reaper Master Series and Reaper Master Series HD paints and some other supplies available for everyone to use, but you are also welcome to bring your own paints or any other preferred supplies. Extra lighting is the one thing that might be in short supply.

    If you (or a friend you’d like to bring along) have never painted a miniature before but are interested in the hobby, I will also have a small selection of miniatures and brushes available so you can try it out.

    My name is Rhonda Bender, my online painting nom de plume is Wren. I’ve won painting awards at Gen Con and ReaperCon, and I also teach painting classes at those events. I’m trying to get a club started as I would enjoy being able to share my hobby with people closer to home. You can see some of my work up at:

    Interested painters are also invited to join the Knoxville Area Miniature Painters group on Facebook.

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    Hi Rhonda,

    I'm up in NJ, but my brother lives in Murphy, NC.
    I can't swing a trip on this short notice but I may look you up on my next trip.
    Good luck with this.


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    Sounds good! Hopefully I'll get it going as a monthly or bimonthly thing. Next time you plan a trip to see family, I can see if we can make that one of the days or something.

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