New Kraken Sculpt Available for Painting in Nov
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Thread: New Kraken Sculpt Available for Painting in Nov

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    Default New Kraken Sculpt Available for Painting in Nov

    If you haven't seen this, it was funded in 24hrs and would be make a very impressive centerpiece - check it out.

    Name:  09_massive_tentacle.jpg
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    Note that all pieces in this campaign will have round bases.

    The campaign is still going, and now we're trying to achieve an awesome Giant Skeleton Warrior.

    Name:  08_teaser_skeleton.jpg
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    We've now made our $22k goal and have the Firbolg Skeleton Pre-painted!

    On to the Peryton!

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    With 3 days left to go, this is where the KickStarter is @!

    Massive Tentacle unpainted @ $35k (we are @ $32k as I write this)

    Kraken painted or unpainted available
    Firbolg Skeleton painted or unpainted available
    Peryton painted or unpainted available
    Mermaid painted or unpainted available

    Bases (Small, 1x1, 2x1, 2x2 or 3x3) available
    Combat Clips & Combat Counters available

    Pledge $10 or more get a free Mermaid (painted or unpainted your choice)
    Pledge for a Kraken get a free Sea Dragon PDF
    Pledge $150 or more get a free Peryton (painted or unpainted your choice)

    BIG DEALS (includes USA shipping)
    $10 Bedrock, get 1 minis (+1 free Mermaid)
    $30 Skeleton Crew, get 5 Firbolg Skeletons (+1 free Mermaid)
    $50 Wrecking Crew, get 5 Firbolg Skeletons + 6 Perytons (+1 free Mermaid)
    $100 Deep Sea Crew, get 1 Kraken, 5 Firbolg Skeletons (+1 free Mermaid)

    $50, get "Vampire Bundle" 260 Blank Combat Bases for re-basing
    $100, get 180 Collector Coins (60 of each type)

    We have come a long way!
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    Massive Tentacle achieved, let's get it painted!


    We just put out the Botanimoth Challenge with 60hrs to go!

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    12hrs to go, less than $5k to the Botanimoth.

    Thanks everyone for your support so far, and our thanks for all of those that allowed us to post our updates here.

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