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Thread: Need a Sculptor for my Badass Bunnies!!

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    Ooooh, that is just, just, well... I'm going to go with, "fun!"

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    Kickstarter should be a great platform to get your game off the ground. Do you already have plans for exciting stretch goals and bonus miniatures?

    BTW your name doesn't come up in a Facebook search? Not for me at least...
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    Consider yourself quoted!

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    Yes! I have tons of ideas for stretch goals including
    - Radioactive Walkers
    -Bunnies with Flamethrowers
    - Abomination Zombie
    - Bunnies with shotguns

    Sooo Many more but I dont want to spoil everything now lol

    Any Suggestions? Any particular weapons or Concepts you would like to see in the game? Now is the time to suggest because we are feverishly working on the art as we speak!

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