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    I have recently revisited miniature painting, a hobby (talent and skilled discipline!) that I discovered over a decade ago. Being a bit older, wiser and probably most importantly more patient, I am enjoying miniature painting more than ever. I have invested in most of the tools and paints I would need. I have seen some definite improvement from each piece I attempt.
    I am thoroughly inspired by some of the amazing work out there and I would like to raise the bar by purchasing an instructional video.
    I know the topic has been covered before but I wanted to put a “fresh coat” on this topic for myself and others looking to purchase an instructional video.
    With all the choices available I am looking for some advice and experiences from the community on what video(s) will be the most helpful for a beginner/ intermediate level painter looking to improve.
    Thank You in advance!
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    I should start by saying there's a lot of free stuff on youtube. A lot of it is 'you get what you pay for' and I think a lot is geared towards beginners, so you'll have to look harder for the more advanced stuff. There's also a lot of great free info in the articles section here at CMON and on MassiveVoodoo (and many more places). And you can also start up a work in progress thread here and get free advice from the other members.

    Okay, now that's out of the way, I think the best videos for purchase option is miniature mentor. They cover a lot of stuff that the intermediate painter will be interested in and will help you move up to a more advanced level. The production level on the videos is also very high. You can buy individual tutorials but the best deal is to buy a subscription and then you will have access to everything.

    There was also recently a kickstarter for painting tutorials ( The project closed but it's possible if you contact him you can still get in on it (some projects allow this, others don't). Either way, they plan to make them available for download through CMON sometime after July of 2013. These look promising and go into a lot of detail on specific topics/techniques.

    These are the ones I'm most familiar with. Hopefully others will chime in and add to the list.

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    This thread was posted not too long ago and has some more suggestions:

    There's also an interesting looking video and figure package over at Painting Budda. I've been tempted to get it but I'm already spending too much on other projects. Maybe later this year I'll finally pick it up.

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    Buy painted and Awesome Paint Job have some decent youtube channels. I'm not sure I would call them tutorials so much as walk-throughs, but they are a good place to start for free. Nothing compares to seeing the pros do their craft in real time. Corvus has a few mini tutorials on his blog too that are a great basis for more advanced techniques which are deceptively simple but yield great results. So, if you find you picked up something useful from the youtube vids then definitely buy some professionally done video tutorials, but watching doesn't always work for everyone - some are better with live instruction. Maybe try finding out if there are any classes being offered around you and also sometimes there are workshops at the various GTs and conventions around the US. I would kill to take a few classes with Jarhead and his pals over in europe - kill.
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    That thread that Bailey linked to above gives the key piece of advice in this area IMO; I would consistently recommend that you make sure you've exhausted all the free resources online before you invest in any of the commercial offerings.

    This isn't anything against that sort of DVD or downloadable video as a learning tool - some are sure to be awesome, just as others will be less so - but a great deal of the beginner and mid-level stuff (if not nearly all of it) is available for free elsewhere, including in the dozens and dozens of past help threads and tutorials here on CMON.


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    I really appreciate the advice
    I have definitely benefited from you tube and a lot of the free sources availble
    I think I will be taking a look at Miniature Mentor as I have heard nothing but amazing things about the product they are putting out and how people have benefited

    I will also be sure to report back with my opinion for anyone interested

    Although I don't have much to base off of as far as comparisons ago I am confident in the material I am looking for

    Thanks again

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    Malfak, you might not realize it, but you're spoiled for choice when it comes to painting DVDs and videos nowadays (and it'll just keep getting better). It wasn't all that long ago that there was only one video that I knew of that covered miniature painting (offered in DVD and VHS formats!). I think it was called "The Painting Wizard" or something along those lines. A client of mine actually bought it, and loaned it to me on a whim. After watching the guy dip his paintbrush straight into the pot (well past the metal ferrule, practically up to his fingers), and then apply directly to the model without stopping at a painting palatte, I was in pain. It hurt so bad to see someone actually making money off of these "instructional" videos, and it hurt even more when I started seeing some of my local hobby shops carrying the vids.

    I myself have picked up the Coolminiornot vids of Natalya and Jen Haley painting tutorials, and they aren't bad. I think they are due for an update perhaps (they were some of the first truly decent painting vids at the time), but damn, those ladies really know how to paint. Not having seen the Miniature Mentor vids, or Painting Buddha vids, or the upcoming James Wappel vids, I can't make a comparison, but I have to say that watching the CMoN dvds eased the pain of watching "The Painting Wizard" somewhat.

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    Take a look at Laszlo Jackuzofsky's Hot Lead video. It is what I bought when I started painting and it really got the basics and intermediate stuff across really clearly.

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    I love the Dark Sword video made with Mrika, her work is some of my favorite, but my one big gripe with that DVD is that it is not in HD. It still has good info, but for the asking price of the DVDs I really expect to get the best picture possible. This is a visual medium, and people want to see what they cannot see from still pictures (that means the painting palette too BTW) and using the very best video quality available, and the Dark Sword videos don't have it.

    I will still be buying various DVDs, but I see no excuse for those who aren't offering the best resolutions. Really, who doesn't have a computer screen these days that can do 1080p? And adding another disc costs less than a dollar, so that shouldn't be an issue at all even if it takes multiple discs.

    I second the Miniature Mentor site mostly for the HD quality. It is unfortunate HD isn't as common as it should be for painting DVDs.

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    Thanks for all the advice
    I just wanted to give an update

    I purchased a subscription to Miniature Mentor

    I have spent most of my time with the first Tutorial by "The Complete Guide to Miniature Painting" with Laurent Esposito
    All in all I am very happy with the subscription service and I believe I have found exactly what I am looking for
    Some basic and more importantly advanced techniques are demonstrated and explained and I have already benefited from spending time with this video and in the lab

    I have also spent some time with "Monochrome Techniques" with Jennifer Haley
    Her painting blows my mind and it is so cool to see up close in HD what true master painters are doing.

    So far I am very pleased I went this route (Miniature Mentor) but I could see a beginner getting frustrated by the things the series doesn't cover.

    If you are looking for: day 1, beginner, I have never painted a mini, what do I do, what tools do I need type video... This series might not be for you... yet.
    That being said most of that information is available online
    Another thing that surprised me was the choice of model for the first video - A wolfen?
    Not to take away from the tutorial but I am very surprised a humanoid was not chosen for this tutorial as it fails to cover 2 very important topics in my opinion... Human Eyes and Skin
    (There are other tutorials that get into these topics that are available for download)

    The only major criticism I have is that the title of the first video is called "The Complete Guide to Miniature Painting" but fails to touch on some very core elements involved in painting.

    I still loved it though!

    Basically the series assumes you are at a level where you already painting and are ready to learn some amazing techniques from master painters

    I can't give a thorough review of the "service" because there are SO many videos to choose from and I have only spent time with the above mentioned
    But after my initial experience I am excited and I would give the whole experience a passing grade for sure

    If you asked me... "Do you think Miniature Mentor will improve someone's painting skills?"
    I would say definitely... beginner, novice, or expert
    It is the real deal

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