I'm plan on getting back into 40k, the gaming side of it that is. Now I don't know anyone near me that is doing the same, or even that games for that matter, so I thought I'd ask on the forums I visit the most.

Would anyone like to accompany me in building and painting up a small 40k force? The way I thought we could do it, is to follow the force organization chart over two months.

So we could do the first month in the following format;

Week One: Build and paint a head quarter choice
Week Two: Build and paint one troop choice
Week Three: Build and paint your second troop choice
Week Four: Build and paint an elite Choice

Then we could do month two where we go by the following;

Week One: Build and paint a heavy support choice
Week Two: Build and paint a fast attack choice
Week Three and Four: Add one more choice of your choosing to your army to build and paint.

I'm going to be doing this anyway, but if anyone would like to tag along for the ride and join in then the more the merrier!