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    Smile East Asian Village for 28mm Gamers Kickstarter

    Well Renaissance Miniatures has just started another Kickstarter and this one to me looks even better then the last one (Medieval Village for 28mm Gamers) this time with an Asian themed village!

    East Asian Village for 28mm Gamers

    Soon they will be also opening their webstore to open up the Medieval Village for the general public. They just need to get out the last of the large village to few more backers of the last KS. I will personally vouch for the quality of there last KS as I got the huge Well Old Tavern, Dragon Drop Inn, and Rampaging Gazebo.


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    They add the a new building Dragon Dojo! It will be free to all Magnificent Village pledge and for a limited number $40 then goes up to $60. Here are some pics and it will include the weapon rack and weapons.

    Also more stretch goals announced:

    $30,000, every pledge of at least $40 will get a *FREE* Hwacha!

    $35,000 we'll also unlock a smaller temple model and several variations of "peasant cottages" at various price points.

    $40,000 new color combinations - this will allow you to choose one of several color schemes for the Ronin house, Temple and Pagoda.


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    They are into the last five days. They have some nice buildings and village and city packs, as well as some awesome boats.

    Some models include minis or accessories.

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