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    Quote Originally Posted by 10 ball View Post
    I was waiting for this, I know with you top painters the work looks good then all of a sudden the level just JUMPS to an outstanding level. Well done sir.
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    And we get a little tutorial from crackpot to boot.
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    He's a witch! Burn him! Man that is cool, thanks for the break down. I use the damp brush method to blend some of my stuff too; mainly make up on minis or stubble or ruddy noses and rosy cheeks (of course I'm nowhere near as good as you). I picked it up from working with water colours of all things.
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    Thanks guys. It's quite simple, why the mini made a quality jump: She now has a proper face and hair. I find these two the absolutely most important things on a miniature. You can tolerate a moderate paint job on the clothes or weapon etc. but if the face or hair looks crappy the whole miniature will at best look mediocre.

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    Nice painting man, loving the colors!
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    Not very much progress, but I managed to finish the brink of the kimono and the sheath of the katana and the wakizashi. I wanted a black shiny look. Hope you like it.

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    Just seen this thread, very impressed with the lacquer effect on the scabbard of the sword and the shimmering satin of the belt. All in all a beautiful paint job. How do you get such smooth transitions on the skin?
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    This is coming along very nicely! I am curious though - your "base" for holding the mini - what is the purpose of the two pipe looking things that are tied together that is attached to it? Thanks!
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    I think a place to leave his pointing finger on. I can't find an image from it but some guy made a product a year ago that was meant to hold miniatures more easily and steady.

    EDIT: ah! Found it:

    The Miniature Holder by Stephan Rath.
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    @AndyG Quite difficult to describe how I work out the transitions. Mainly I work with layers wich I blend together with very watered down glazes. Hope this helps...

    @Veristical Yes thats right. I made myself this handle after I saw something similar used by Stephan. Basically it is used to rest your hand while painting or to rest the miniature upside down when painting something on the underside of the miniature. Quite handy and you can make it quite easy by yourself (or buy it from PK-Pro).

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    Thanks for the response guys - so having a base to paint with like that really helps? Is it pretty easy to get used to? I generally just use a pin vise to hold my minis, but then have to be extra careful when steadying my hand on the mini. I am guessing holding on to something more substantial would help with hand cramping and stuff too? I find my hands sometimes cramp up from holding a pin vise as it's pretty skinny...
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    Yep it's a more natural way to hold the mini - less cramps. AND you can hold it upside down like crackpot mentioned plus you can use the metal bars to rest your brush or finger on for really fine details. I got a couple from PK pro, but I would love to know how people make them. Does anyone have a link to a tutorial?
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    I just love her. You are making me want to paint my female samurai just for the kimono. Keep going sir, we need more.

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    Its quite easy. I just used a cork from a wine bottle and carved a channel around it. Now I used a brass rod and bent it around the cork to fit it in the channel I cut before. Then I affixed the rod with some wires so it sits quite tight on the cork. The rod is around 10-15cm long and bent on the top. You can turn the rod around the cork, so you can place it on the appropriate spot. To give it a good stand I also attached a metal plate on the bottom of the cork, so it can stand on its own. Thats it.

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    The free hand on the Onna bugeisha's robe is ok......ok its blood amazing i have a dragon tat on my back im now considering going to get more work done!!!!
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    @cassar Welcome to the "The guy with the dragon tattoo" - club. Great if this little mini inspires you.

    I tried to paint the underskirt in a bright blue/white color, but it looks still a bit dirty. I think I have to blend the colors better. :/ So no new pics of the lady.
    BUT I also did some preassembling for the base. I created some algae with fishes and some water lilliy leafes for the pond. C3PO is just there for the size reference, he will not make it on the base though.

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    Kimono looks great! Really like the depth you have got in the red. This will look great when its all based up. Love it

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    Wait!, we can not just skip past the C3PO lego man. There are questions to be asked - like of all the things you could of used for a scale reference you pick a Lego C3PO?? LOL
    I feel there is something going on in your subconscious that needs to come out?

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    LOL, I just thought everyone places a coin or a matchstick or a ruler in his pictures, so why not gor with something funny. And come on, everyone still remembers how big a Lego man is. Besides, C3PO always watches over me when painting and gives smart alec comments on my painting skills.

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    So how do 3CPO comment the fishes? are they hard to make or are they found somewhere in a store, what is his preferences? I have to say that the cultist that are standing on my painting table are turning around to look at your thread, I guess they are fascinated by the Lady.

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    When someone's internet handle is crackpot, some oddities are bound to surface. I'm always in awe of people that can create such smooth blends on the smallest surfaces. Looks amazing.

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