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Thread: My box for game cards.

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    Thanks Mavrick, good point about the wiggly line ill bear it in mind for the future. Also Chrispy I do have an Ultimaker 3d printer or there are 3d printing companies like Shapeways that enable you to do small prototype prints you can even sell your ideas on their site a Steampunk clock box sounds great I'd be interested to see some designs when you get them down on paper.

    I figured it was time for an update!!
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    I have been pretty busy unfortunately not making boxes the Wife and I are now moving in the next 3.5 weeks so its pretty hectic lol.
    I do plan on getting 4 boxes up on ebay before the move 3 will be standard boxes set as a buy it now. I will be listing them separately at different times of the day to give everyone from everywhere a chance to get one and as asked earlier in the forum as a special thank you to you guys for your support I will be putting a list of when these items go on ebay up in this forum.

    The 4th box is a bit of a special one... this will be a bid for auction and will be customised for example instead of "Crazy Neds" shotgun shells it could read Your Name also how about the winners face on the box in replacement of the zombie head? the final design will be worked through with the winner before being etched.

    Thanks again for all the positive feedback
    Watch this space.


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    Hey Dan hope everything is going ok.
    Any news on this project?


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    Quote Originally Posted by toons7 View Post
    Hey Dan hope everything is going ok.
    Any news on this project?

    What Adam said.

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    A newbie here, but I just wanted to add my 2 cents: These boxes are unbelievable! Don't know if most of you have seen the plastic boxes that Guillotine Games is making for Zombicide, but this type of box should maybe have them rethinking their plans And to Dan: Hope your move went well (I know how moving sucks the time right out of your life) and we look forward to seeing you back here soon...then you can start planning the box for our dashboards

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