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    Wink Got it!!

    Got my box today!
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    Why there's always somebody that gets the products before me?
    I hope mine arrives soon.
    Meanwhile I wouldn't mind if you post some shots of the components. :P

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    I'll be opening it this afternoon I think. I may take some pics while we play.

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    Just 3 quick unboxing photos from last night.
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    I shouldn't have said anything because now I really hate that mine hasn't arrived yet.

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    Mine arrived last Friday as well. Got to play a couple of last night. Lots of fun and very interesting when you through in the contract and condition cards. I haven't tried it with the guild backers yet.

    We did find atleast one typo on one of the action cards, which I don't recall the name of, and some rule clarifications needed. But still a good time over all. I will post a thread either tonight or sometime this weekend with details on the aforementioned.

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