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    So I was at a flee market and picked up a mystery box during the auction for 20 bucks and it was full of miniature paints.. so I wanted to list them here and ask a few questions...I have no real experience with mini painting.. but I have read and watched some youtubes and stuff and played a bit on a model .. and have a initial feel for it.. I'm a board game player not a wargamer.. but many games have minis now... so I thought I would try to paint some of my board game minis.

    I was hoping to post the image and my list of paints and get some advise on what I should use on what parts?

    Citadel Colour
    - Sunburst Yellow
    - Bleached Bone
    - Gun Matal
    - Blood Red
    - Red Gore
    - Mythal Silver
    - Calthan Brown
    - mechrite red
    - dwarf bronze
    - tallarn flesh
    - Mordian Blue
    - blazing orange
    - white
    - vomit brown
    - burnished gold
    - mythril silver
    -golden yellow
    - khemri brown
    - shinning gold
    - bubonic brown
    - calthan brown
    - undercoat black
    - warlock purpple
    - litch purple
    - knarloc green
    - scab red
    - iyanden darksun

    Citadel Washes
    - leviathan purple
    - Delven Mud
    - Ogryn Flesh
    - asurmen blue
    - baal red

    Citadel Foundations
    - dhenb stone

    -Bootstrap Leather
    -Jack Bone
    -IronHull Grey
    - bloodtracker brown
    - greatcoat grey

    Tamiya Colour Enamal
    -x-27 - Clear red

    The game is called FURY OF DRACULA and you have a Dracula model and 3 hunters.. including van helsing and Mina.

    Now here is a pic o got form the net someone else who knows what the yare doing painted and the minis themselves are prob not the quality you guys are used to. this is a board game..

    Anyway... these are what I wish to paint.. so if you have any suggestions for paint combos for the various parts. Then please let me know!! I am particularly interested in flesh tones using these paints and leather kind of brown look maybe?

    Any ideas would be great.. thanks in advance!!

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    Well, I don't know much about the colors you actually have, but I'd suggest mixing white with a touch of brown to get a tanned skin color, possibly adding slight touch of orange or yellow. You could also start the other way for a lighter skin color, taking white and mixing a little touch of red or orange.

    Honestly, you're probably going to have to work at it to get a good flesh color, so write it down when you've got something you like color-wise!
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    Quote Originally Posted by PegaZus View Post
    Well, I don't know much about the colors you actually have, but I'd suggest mixing white with a touch of brown to get a tanned skin color, possibly adding slight touch of orange or yellow. You could also start the other way for a lighter skin color, taking white and mixing a little touch of red or orange.

    Honestly, you're probably going to have to work at it to get a good flesh color, so write it down when you've got something you like color-wise!
    I didn't even think of mixing them. Just assumed that you should use full colors. All the tutorials I watched Said use X paint..

    Loved you videos Btw. I went to the hardware store and got a white easy cleaning ceramic tile with a smooth finish to mix on.

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    IIRC, Reaper has a color picker on their website, that can pick the color from a jpg, and tell you which paint of their corresponds to it. If you add that to some web charts that go between GW, Reaper, and Vallejo paint colors, you may be able to get close. Those minis look like people blended colors to get the variation in in the colors brightness and hue (lt to dark blue). That's not out of a bottle, but a result of some good brushwork. You could use 2 starting colors, but without the mixing and blending techniques, you've just got 2 lines of different blues on her dress, for instance.

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    Hi and welcome to the forums Painting minis is something you can approach in lots of different ways. There's a whole spectrum from fast-and-fun all the way up to competition winning labours of love. At all levels, however, some basics hold true.

    1) don't use paint straight out of the bottle - thin it with water, first on your palette. How much water depends on the specific paint you're using, as well as what you're trying to do with it (paint a smooth base coat, dot an eyeball, blend a colour transition, etc). In general, adding more water will result in a smoother transition of color, but will require more layers of paint to give good coverage.

    2) you'll need to get used to mixing paints if you want to achieve any kind of smooth transitions. Large cloth areas like skirts and capes are good for practicing on.

    3) keep your brushes clean. Wash them often, and never let paint dry on them (it tends to sneak into the metal ferrule at the base of the bristles. This is bad.)

    4) have fun. You'd be amazed how many people forget this one.

    overall, the best thing a new painter can do is just give it a try. To begin with dont worry about smooth blends and the various acronyms that you'll see on the forums here (SENMM, NMM, etc). Just focus on getting smooth base coats of colour applied neatly to your models. Start a work-in-progress thread here and let others give you advice. If you do that, you'll be just fine
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    Here is my 1st attempt.. I am having a real problem with the hands and face... I think most of the rest is kinda cool.. but there is a highlight on hi right leg that is way to strong.. but not sure how to fix...

    What do you guys think.. any suggestions?

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    What kind of skin color do you want to get? Perhaps you are not using a small brush?

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    well I want the humans to look human and the vamp to look kinda white. I ma using the smallest brush I have.. but they split. Still the model is so small I can hardly see the detail let alone paint on it. I think these next pics are as good as I can get it.. I had to redo the entire face after trying to do a thin dark line to make the eye look better... I am scared to do it again. I guess I'll just move to the next model and see if I improve.

    My smallest brush is 4/0

    people are talking about watering down the paints I havn't been doing that.. how do you do it.. just dip the brush in water and then into the paint on the pallet? I tried a few times but it just made it super runny and I couldn't see anything on the model when I brushed.. it just looked a bit wetter.

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    I put distilled water into a dropper bottle and then just add drops of water to get the consistency I want. I usually use a 50/50* mix of water/paint for basecoating, then thin to 75/25* for layering highlights. Sometimes I add a drop of flow improver/aid to the mix as well.

    *this is approximate. could be more or less depending on the paint. I add the water until the consistency seems right, for me. Paint consistency is a very personal choice, and very subjective from one painter to another.

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    I would try different types of brands of pensels. Could be that a different brand is better for your taste. I personally use the brushes from Games Workshop.
    Regarding the face: Have you tried the washes?

    If you want to thin your paint you could put some paint on a plate and add some water to it. Try some different mixes and see what you like the most.

    For the human face: i see only tallarn flesh in the list. Do you also have a darker one? You could paint the face first with the darker flesh, give the face a wash (Ogryn Flesh?) and highlight the face with tallarn flesh.
    For the leather you could do the same. Start with a dark brown and highlight with a lighther brown.

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    how do you paint really small lines.. any tricks? I did pretty god on the face of my next one .. and then tried to put red on the lips and just couldn't get it on. painted all over the chin...

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    use a small brush and not to much paint and practice a lot

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    There are stills at the end of the videos.

    I was kinda scared to try her face after the problems with Dracula.. so I am calling these done for now.. but I haven't sealed them yet and plan to go back after I have done the other 2.. So I picked up some new brushes with out splits in them, so I can try the fine detail on both of these again latter. Also I took your guys advise and did paint mixing on a pallet for the 2nd model and I think it went a lot better. Also I got a few paints for the next model as I had no greens in my list really. With luck the next 2 will look better.
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    I 've watched both of your video's, nice to see! Some tips:
    i noticed that you don't use a primer (i didn't see it in your id). A primer makes the paint stick better to your miniature. The color of the primer also sets the undertone of your paints. A black primer makes futher colors more dark for example. A thinned-down color is enough as a primer. I use a light grey primer. White makes the paint very chalky.
    Your highlight of the dress in the second vid: i get the impression that you painted the light blue all over the dress. What i would recommend is applying the light blue only to the raised parts, not to the deeper parts. Apply a second highlight with a lighter blue to the parts with the first highlight.

    Painting is all about practice. I have been painting miniatures for allmost 17 years now and i'm still learning everytime! (busy with learning iron-rust and copper-rust with pigments

    Good luck and have fun!

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    - Van Helsing (Stills)

    I feel that I have improved a ton form my 1st 2 models. I am still having trouble seeing detail in the models themselves. Once the base coat on I couldn't see the buckle on the belt.. and was to scared to attempt to and ruin the other work I had one. I think once I move onto more detailed minis after these Fury of Dracula ones though this problem will be lessened. I guess I shouldn't be worried about having to repaint stuff. I put a lot of work into the face this time round as mini and Dracula really did not fill me with pride. The new brushes though made a huge difference. I was able to hit tighter lines and get int crevices with out smearing paint on the wrong bits.

    Anyway... stay tuned for my next vid!

    Have Fun and ROLL HIGH!

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    - Dr Steward (Stills)
    To be Continued

    I found this really frustrating. I just couldn't get the face working and ran out of patience on the rest after repainting the face like 3 times. Oh. well.. with luck the next one will look better.

    I also broke my camera.. I tripped on the power cord and it flew off the table.. it still works but the USB will not connect anymore. I can still transfer the data to the computer though the sim card.. but it is a bit of a hassle. So sad

    Thing is they do nto look as "bad" in real life than they do with the camera zoomed in Maybe it is the flash?

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    If you want specific advice on painting the face (in this case, but flesh in general), would it be possible to capture a close-up of the face? It would give greater detail for commentary, if that is what you wish.

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    the photos are pretty much as close as i can get... the image just blurs if i go any closer.

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    Alright-y, no dramas. From what I can see in the first pic, the eyes are poorly defined, there is a great swathe of red undercutting his cheekbones, and he seems to have some sort of grey right above his eyebrows. I would venture to suggest that:

    1. Rather than cutting the big, thick swathe of red to shadow his cheekbones, dilute your red paint (to the extent that if you paint across some old newspaper, you can still read the print through the paint), and gently glaze the red instead. You should be shading a deeper colour the deeper the recess.

    2. Eyes are always a problem. If you Google for Destroyer Minis, she's got a very good article for painting eyes. But apart from that, it's a matter of practice.

    May I suggest that if you're painting human flesh, after laying down the flesh basecoat:

    1. Mix up a batch of flesh colour + green, and wash that into the recesses.
    2. Mix up a batch of flesh colour + red, and wash that into the recesses, too.
    3. Mix up a batch of green + red, and paint very, very thin lines of this stuff into the recesses.

    This will give you a natural shadowing to the flesh, and may aid you in determining where to place highlights, or where more colour may be needed.

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    thanks! I'll try that in the next one... cheers!

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