The rule book says there are 39 district cards on page 3, however if you add up the card type break down it is only 38 cards (16 guild cards + 4 Personality Cards, 5 Militia Cards and 13 Action Cards). Also, both decks of district cards that came with the KS version each have 38 cards in them.

So on page 7 of the rules under setup, should you only take out 5 cards so there or 33 districts left?
Or should you still remove 6 cards and play with a draw deck of 32 cards?

I haven't done any break down to see if 32 cards as opposed to 33 cards make a big difference or not. I wouldn't think it would though.

The Action card "Working the Crowds" has a miss print on it it seems as it says:

Move the Agent you played his turn to an occupied boulevard. Both Agents here provide Support as normal.

I am sure it is supposed to be this[/i] instead of his.

Last thing is about contract cards. many of them add in guild points after you complete them, such as If you have 3 or more Guild of Goldsmiths cards, score 5 guild points. I would assume the 5 guild points from completing the contract would get added to your guild points after you have added up your guild points for guild cards you have and then multiple them by the number of cards for that guild that you have (counting any personality cards you assigned of course).

So if I had the aforementioned contract and 3 Guild of Gold Smiths cards totaling 6 points. Then multiple 6 by 3 for total of 18. Finally add 5 points for the contact for a total score of 23. Am I thinking about this right?

So let me know what people think about the cards numbers being off and about when to add in contract guild points when scoring. An official response would be awesome on this. I have posted this both here and on BGG forums as well.