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    I have a few questions:

    1. Succubus vandella: What means Compel? I can't find the rules in the book.?
    2. Crypt spider: What are the rusles for surefoot?
    3. Bombardier: On turtle Cannon you dice on dex - Why do I get a blue +1 ATT?
    4. Rock gut: vulnerable cold - does he get double damage from cold damage, or what?
    5. Dungeon effects: Do they function from the beginning of the game or when the boss comes into the game?

    Thank a lot for your help

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    1: Compel X: A model targeted by Compel may be moved a number of squares up to the value of X in any direction.
    2: Difficult Terrain cost one move instead of two
    3: You roll on ATT for Turtle Cannon as it is a Range:10 attack, you roll on DEX for attacks with the Missile:X keyword
    4: If a model with Vulnerable X is targeted by the ability listed as X, it must discard the highest result rolled of any defense roll it makes against that ability. So no, you discard your highest defence role.
    5: From the beginning of the game.

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