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    Hey yall,

    So I started getting into Warhammer 40K recently and I really find the mini's to be amazing. After doing some research I found this site and I have to be honest the mini's ive seen here are just amazing! I totally want to start painting myself and I was wondering if you guys had any advice on how to start. I suppose most importantly would be where to buy the models online (fairly priced ideally) and maybe a basic idea of what im gonna need to get. I should also mention that I am not committed to the gaming aspect of it, mostly I just love the idea of painting the models so it doesn't have to be all Warhammer 40K, im open to suggestions. Thanks for the help and hopefully youll see some of my work on here soon.

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    First bit of advice is to not be intimidated by the level of work here. The pros are, well, pros. It's mainly a matter of practice.
    Secondly, welcome to the forums. I haven't found many places that are better at welcoming new faces and helping people achieve their painting goals.
    A good place to start looking would be a the sticky thread here
    It's full of useful guides on almost all aspects of minis.
    As for buying minis, well you can't get much more cost effective than the new Bones line from Reaper. The material has decent detail, takes paint well, and can take a lot of abuse without losing paint.

    In the end though, the best thing you can do is make sure you're painting what you want to paint. It's easy to get burned out or lose focus when you're working on something your heart isn't in to.
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    Hi Dibblet, no dramas, lots of us here aren't really into the gaming aspect of things. To start with, may I suggest:

    1. Pick out a particular main colour, or colours, that you want to practice on. Personally, I love painting reds and bones.
    2. Pick out some basic paints and inks centred around your chosen colours, and maybe a few others. If you go overboard and buy more than what you need, don't fret - lots of us also collect paints and inks.
    3. Get yourself a decent brush - the GW ones have rather limited usage, so get a semi-affordable good brush like a Rosemary.
    4. Get yourself some metal figs you reckon you'd like to practice on. I say metal because it's usually the most straightforward to strip, so you can re-use the fig over and over again, putting in the practice.
    5. Read all the tutorials on this site, and search the Internet for others. For starters, check out the 'basics' type of tutorial, which should cover figure prep, basecoating, highlights, shades, and possibly layering (depends on how fast you go).
    6. Practice.
    7. Practice.
    8. Practice.

    If you want to know more about specific techniques, just post on these boards - lots of people will help you.
    Don't sweat it if you stuff up a miniature, we all do that, even the pros - just check out some videos on Youtube about Jennifer Haley (one of the painting greats) talking about making mistake after mistake.

    Speaking of the figs you like, what are you into? SF? Fantasy? Historical?

    P.S. Get some concentrated Simple Green, or technical acetone, to strip those metal figs.

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    Hi Dibblet, Welcome to the community...
    First advice, be patient, it might be the hardest one to follow, especially when you see all the painted mini posted everyday here!
    Then don't overbuy material, start small, few colors, decent brushes, few models... Then read some tutorial or watch videos or join a decent mini club (if you have one in your area), try to give you some goals, like doing this color scheme understanding highlight and shadow while using layers techniques or wetblending, etc... small step by step goals. Then practice, practice and practice, everybody will tell you the same.
    Try to read about colors theory, you have good article and website for it, cold vs warm, saturated vs desaturated, contrast, etc...

    Then, highly advice, make a WIP (Work In Progress) if you have a camera, many people will comment and give you advice especially if you ask question or explain the problems you encountered... You can check other WIP to see how it does look like, in the forum WIP section.

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