To pledge or not to pledge. A rundown of your pledge.
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Thread: To pledge or not to pledge. A rundown of your pledge.

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    Default To pledge or not to pledge. A rundown of your pledge.

    With the rivet revolution upon us I would like to hear what other backers decided on in their pledge. I jumped in with both feet for $380. What did my $380 get me? Here is a rundown:

    Blitzkrieg-$150 (Well worth it as the extras REALLY push this over the edge.)

    Battle of Brighton-$50 (Please, those flying men in their flying machines, yes please.)

    Heavy Metal-$30 (Let`s roll! BIGGER is better.)

    Cpl.Cher Ami & Captain Elsa Frost-$10 (Bottom line, exclusive, enough said.)

    *Jetpacker x2-$15 (Please, Commando Cody...I mean Rocketeer...I mean Jetpacker, Whatever you call him he just can not keep his feet on the ground.) *Picked up 2 so both factions could field one as I did with Atomic Robo.

    Rivet Wars Hardcover Artbook-$25 (Mr. Terranova/Super Rocket Punch brings his art to book? I am at a loss of words.)

    M3 Boss and Doomwheel Pack-$20 (Rollin`, Rollin`, Rollin`, keep those machines a rollin`.)

    M1 Vertical and Lanskriegers Pack-$20 (Tanks for the memories.)

    *Atomic Robo-$15 (He`s a robot, has his own comic book, and did I mention he is a robot?!)

    Tilepack Omega-$15 (Oh,give me land, lots of land under starry skies above...don`t fence me in.)

    12 Alternate Infantry-$15 (A change of clothes is never a bad thing, right?)

    OK, now it is your turn. What did your pledge get you? What are you excited about? Give us the rundown on your pledge (Hey, we have until September so we might as well keep each other entertained, right?)

    Viva la Revolution!
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    My order is the same as yours, but without the art book. I also only got one Jetpacker and Atomic Robo. I kinda like the gameplay idea of only having one and the first player to bring him out gets to use him.

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    Sounds like great minds think alike ; ) If the extra Jetpacker and Atomic Robo do not work as planned, they will look great on my desk (where they may find themselves anyway until game time.)
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    I didn't get the Brighton pack and got singles of Robo and the jetpacker. I like the idea of rolling for the right to use either one or even both and think it brings more strategy to light. Got the same as you for the rest.

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    I ordered

    Blitz + Heavy metall + Doomwheel/M3 + M1/Landskrieger + Omega pack

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    Tilepack Omega. Those extra tiles will come into good use for bigger games and/or should anything happen to a tile we have backup. But I also have to admit that getting extra goodies such as tank traps and the such did not hurt either : )

    i do like the idea of rolling for use of Robo and Jetpacker and will use this idea in my games as well. Where two of these comes into play is with the much younger crowd as their eyes will pop out seeing a guy flying around the board and a robot, please, what kid can say no to using a robot? Few to none and few just left town : )
    I was born to do this.
    -Joan of Arc-

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    I'm in for nearly the same, just minus the extra Jetpacker and Atomic Robo, together with the artwork - something had to hit the cut.

    Plumped for extra turrets and bases though as I got the impression that BoB added a couple of AA mounts - so more variety if I don't or cannot use them as vehicle plugs. Also come in handy if I want an expanded battlefield using the Omega pack.

    Want to add more, but want to save a little in case we get KS2 and some new factions next year - also need new excuses for all these new shiny "toys" for "she who has the last word".

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    Same as yours minus the extra jetpack and atomic robo added extra dice and 3 turret plugs to my order
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    Tilepack Omega
    Battle of Brighton
    Lanskriegs & M3 Verticals
    Cpl Ami & Cpt Frost
    Boss & Doomwheel
    Heavy Metal

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    Very similar to most, Blitz plus the game bits not in Blitz. Only slight variation is a tilepack and I'm not getting the Jetpacker (not as keen on them as the rest). Waiting until after payday (Monday) before I confirm though.

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    Still debating whether to drop the planes and the Omega tile pack, and instead get another Early Blitz....

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    Quote Originally Posted by binarysunrise View Post
    Still debating whether to drop the planes and the Omega tile pack, and instead get another Early Blitz....
    I thought that too and decided to stick with the boards and planes. Although it would be brilliant to get a second blitz with all of those lovely mini's, I'm more likely to play a two quicker games than one big one. Secondly, I quite like the idea of some more variety. That said, pay day is on Monday so it may well all change!

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    I went with the blitzkrieg + tilepack omega, boss and doomwheels, lanskriegers and m3 vertical tanks..
    then after seeing the pics of the blight fighter I finally caved and went aerial, took the battle of brighton and the jetpacker..

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    Hi all, this is my first entry (many more to come, watch out Ted I'm demanding) on the forum as 2 jobs and 2 kids keep me pretty busy but I've been in the fight since the first day I saw Ted's vision on kickstarter. (not sure who's more excited me or my 6 year old, it will be his first introduction to table-top war gaming.)
    like most people it seems I went for Blitzkrieg, with the additional verts, bosses, doomwheels, landkriegers, and omega tile pack., i can't wait to have a double/triple depth board so nearly all the miniatures will be on the board before the melee begins.
    Obviously the second the heavy metal and air expansions were hinted at they had to be included. After the 320 odd dollars including shipping to england I had to sacrifice the frost and Jetpacker add ons, (though since regretting as I love the ideas in this forum of him being able to jack the enemies planes) - see an only slightly less miffed wife.
    I also got an additional man in charge and Babygirl for a friend to add to her avengers collection (shrine)

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