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    Default miniature holder for painting

    I remember seeing a thread a few months back in which one of the users had created a holder/mount of sorts for painting miniatures. Tried searching and can't seem to find it. If someone could point me in the right directions It'd be much appreciated. Thanks.

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    there are topics about this in the "todays posts"-section. the one you´re looking for is stephan raths(or derwish).

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    In crackpots WIP thread there is also a brief description of how to make your own, but the rathcore one is worth buying if you value time over money I bought two which I use for single minis but i will probably make a bunch for paining up squads. It's hard to go back to using paint pots and blu tac once you have used one of the mini holders - it was for me anyway
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    There's a current thread here in this forum (right under yours at the moment) entitled What do you use to hold your minis? that would be worth taking a look at.

    You might also like to have a peek at this thread in the General Discussion forum, Mini Holders.


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