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    Does anyone have the proper email to contact support for this game? I purchased a copy through my FLGS and I'm missing parts of the Royal Paladin and the dragon. I also have one mangled treasure chest. Any help is appreciated, thanks!

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    I am currently looking for the correct support e-mail to contact, as well. I am missing the tongue of the Dragon (Starfire) model and also the left arm of a Flinger. After browsing, I was able to find these two support e-mails:, which seems to be a general support e-mail, and, one referred to in this thread ( ).

    I am personally sending out the same e-mail to both of these. If anyone can provide a different or better e-mail/contact, I would greatly appreciate it.

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    Travis no longer handles support issues. The best method of contacting us is to email, but you can send me a Private Message here if necessary!

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    Ginger would you be able to help me too? I have submitted a ton of e-mails for a missing rear dress piece from the Hex Cast Sorceress- I even paid $10 for a replacement mini and received the mini missing the SAME piece. I have received no correspondence for nearly a month.
    I will PM you as well, please help!

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    i send an email to about a missing barbarian arm, it took a couple of days for a reply due to it being the xmas period and about 2 weeks for me to recieve the replacement over here in the UK, but other than that i got a good reply from the team and have recieved a new barbarian, cant complain about the service at all.

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    Hey guys, if you need customer service for Super Dungeon Explore please contact Soda Pop Miniatures at Thanks!
    Spencer Reeve
    Marketing Executive
    CoolMiniOrNot Inc.

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