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    That's just awesomely sweet! Love it!

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    I'm sure you know this already, but be sure to base the exposed foam with something like gesso or another acrylic (non spray) paint before spray painting it all. Spray paint will dissolve the foam, leaving all your hard work in a mushy pile.

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    Actually i did not know that. This is my first time working with foam. I made a few scrap test peices to try things out on lol. Thanks for the save!

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    Watered down pva glue works too. Brushst it on and leave to dry. You need a protective skin above the foam.

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    Great job. I picked up a set of new blades to start cutting my foam soon. Picked up some great tips & idea's from you and other contributors.

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    Glad to be of service! Be sure to keep me updated on your progress once you begin!

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    This reminds me of a recent episode of Mythbusters where they were figuring out if right angles in trenches reduce shockwaves- they made a small scale model, but it was plexiglass to determine waves of water. It would be a shame if they tried to blow this up.

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    Hey Justin!

    What size are your overall tiles? (Foam + mdf squares.)

    Or Ted, do you have the approximate 4x4 tile size? (I've searched around, but didn't find that.)

    Thanks much!
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    Sorry Steamcrow (and everyone else) this project has been on the back burner for a long time now. Unfortunatly ive been in the process of a divorce and everything is safely tucked away for now. I would have loved to get you my dimensions but I cannot getbto them at the moment. It it my hope that with any luck I will be able to return to this project soon.

    I have been reading all the posts though and am very happy to be reciving my first shipment of rivet wars soon

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    Thanks for the reply, and sorry about life getting in the way. It happens sometimes.

    Looking around, I found that the tiles ought to be 24 or 25 cm square. (The game will ship with 25cm tiles, so I'll probably go with that.)

    Check out more Steam Crow art here!

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