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    Default RIP Ray Harryhausen

    Ray Harryhausen passed away yesterday, aged 92.

    He shouldn't need any introduction on this forum but for folks my age and older his work was maybe the first introduction to fantasy sculpting so to say he was an influence would be an understatement.

    Rest in peace Harry, one frame at a time.


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    The guy was a God! RIP.

    Best one for me has got to be Jason and the Argonauts skeletons either that or the Vishnu statue from sinbad
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    Sad day, a legend

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    May have to do a marathon this weekend. I'll be laid up on the couch (minor surgery).

    Some of the stuff looks hokey now, but it was cutting edge then.
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    Growing up and watching things like "Movie Magic", I always wanted to be in special effects. I must have watched all the Harryhausen films at least once. Besides Clash of the Titans, I liked Sinbad as my favorites just for the amount of monsters in them. I always thought I'd grow up and make detailed models for movies... then computers came in around the mid 90's. But even just before then, the stop-motion monster technique was still in the works with such movies like "Evil Dead 3: Army of darkness". Harryhausen started a special effect that has now morphed into it's own category of animation, with such movies as "Coraline" taking it to new heights with computer in-betweens and 3-d. Even at the most base level, I still catch robot Chicken any time I can. And all this is thanks to one man and his poseable gorilla obession.

    You will surely be missed, Ray.

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    92 is a good run. He inspired so many people (I work in TV partly due to his influence). Ironically there seems to be a resurgence of mini set building for mock ups and digital mapping in the FX business. I though that digital platforms would wipe out his legacy, but I guess even now you can't have one without the other. Thanks for all the nightmares & inspiration Ray!
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    Sad indeed, wow that is a good run!

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    Ray Harryhausen, I can't say anything else but Thank You Sir!
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    Sadly missed but will not be forgotten. His work had so much more character and style than much of the CGI today.

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