hell brute! what you guys think
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Thread: hell brute! what you guys think

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    Default hell brute! what you guys think

    hi guys this is my latest mini that i might enter at my local GW store in this months competition.

    please leave comments and feedback.

    all left to do is paint and label the base.
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    It looks tidy and well painted but to be honest the photos are bad/blurred so its hard to comment.
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    Rather than holding it, why not just place it on some white paper and photograph it then? That way only one hand is wobbling so less chance of a blurry pic

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    I like it. I like the blue eyes

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    I think.. .
    I cant form an opinion. . .

    too many photos that are too large and too grainy/blurry shows me a mass of red with some yellows in the shape of something released by GW attached to a hand with very defined grooves and swirls...
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    Looks good, but the photos arent doing it any justice, methinks.

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