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    I am rather new, only starting my second campaign, and I'm not wise in the ways of finding miniatures for my character. My friend Ryan got the mini for my first character, a human ranger. In my second campaign, I'm more prepared with my character and I know exactly what she looks like, so the trouble now is finding a mini. As it is I have only found one spellscale mini at all. I don't like it.

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    Right now my hopes are high that I'll find one that looks scaly while not looking like a dinosaur. She's a sorcerer. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Mohawk would be a big plus. I worked hard on that mohawk.

    Any tips on painting scales/feathers?

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    Well, one thing you can try is Reaper's Figure Finder. It only works for their line of course but you can select various descriptions. Like Human, with a Staff and Cloak. They might have one with the mohawk too - they do have the sci-fi type stuff but I'm a fantasy gal so I really don't focus on the other as much. But it's worth checking out.

    Here's the link for ya.

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    Thanks, I've actually gone through about 30 pages of just 'female' minis on
    Some are slightly promising.

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    Check out Shadowrun figures. You might have luck there.

    You might also have to do some modding to it.

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    Modding some old Necromunda female gangers might work also
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