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Thread: Getting Close with Photography, any Pointers?

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    Looks like you've pretty much got it dialed in, but here's a couple more things you can play with if you want to. You can adjust the exposure compensation on your camera in small increments to get your exposure right where you want it "in camera" an avoid the extra post production work in a photo editing program. If you want to "fill in" some of the shadows on the miniature you can slide a piece of typing paper up close to the model (just out of view) and let light reflect from that up under the model. This will soften any shadows remaining on the model from your light set up. It is called fill light and is very common throughout all photography. Like I said, what you've got now looks good, but this may help a bit too.

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    This is a great thread and seeing the process and trial and error is so helpful. The final result is excelllent and the advice speaks for itself...

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    I stumbled upon this. While the photography info here is great, I'm not quite to the point yet of worrying about top notch photography. Better to first learn to paint. Anyway, I couldn't help but notice how exceptionally awesome that base is. How did you do it?

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