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    Question: Does anyone know if the text for the Banner of the World Dragon in the new High Elf book is a misprint or an error? 50 pts for a banner that gives a 2+ ward save to magical attacks to the entire unit seems.......broken.

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    no, no misprint and no error either.

    And to be completely honest with the exception against Demons it's not broken either (against them it is).

    Against most armies it's simply a waste of points.
    For example empire: cannons / hellblasters / mortars / bowmen / all knights and units ignore that 2++ as they are not magical anyway. Against them their only use if there is a character with a magic weapon in the block, then he'll probably won't try to do challenges.
    Orcs/Ogres/Chaos Warriors (most of the units)/lizardmen / etc. are similar.

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    Thanks for that.

    I'm not saying it's broken. I received the new book yesterday and wondered if it was an error or misprint. I play High Elves so the new book is actually well received (other than the slap to Teclis, but that was to be expected). I wouldn't call it a waste for 50pts as it's useful against a number of units (Juggernaughts of Khorne, Daemonic mounts, Hellcannon, including the stomp/thunderstomp attacks, etc).

    Looking at the new book, Alarielle the Radiant (casting only High Magic) with a large unit of White Lions with the Banner makes them almost indestructible. The Banner gives a 2+ ward save vs everything magical. Alarielle gives them a 5+ ward save to everything non-magical and that ward save can be improved to a 3+ (via the shield of Saphery) by casting some spells - spells that she's receiving a +5 bonus to cast. Sounds good to me!

    One more question if anyone knows: The Frostheart Phoenixes are looking awesome - particularly due to the -1 to Strength. Does anyone know if it's stackable i.e. if 2 Phoenixes are attacking the same unit, does that unit get 2 stacks of -1 to strength, effectively making it -2 to strength (to a minimum of 1, of course).

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    I think 50 pts for such a banner is too hard, especially for Deamons. If you normally fight against HE you try to minimize the number of WL, DP, SM .... and than try to kill the rest in CC. But now you cannot do that with Magic, since the 2+ ward save. I mean, with cannons / hellblasters / mortars / bowmen you can try it, but then Dragons, Chariots etc. will survive. I will not say, the unit is then unbeatable, but you have to focus your war machines on this single unit. And that after you have realized (after your first spell on that unit) that they use this Banner. Nevertheless, for me it is now a challage and I like challenges .

    For the Phoenix I think is not cumulative. Its like the Orcanium of the Empire. The +1 to Hit is also not cumulative.

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