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    I'm new to the forums here and thought I'd share my friends' custom Zombicide project that I think is phenomenal. I did a quick search and didn't see it here before, so hopefully you all will find this as amazing as I do. So without further ado:

    Gotham City Heroes: http://castlesandcooks.com/2013/04/2...m-city-heroes/

    Gotham City Villains: http://castlesandcooks.com/2013/04/2...-cit-villains/

    Development notes: http://castlesandcooks.com/2013/04/2...lopment-notes/


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    Of course, you realise you are going to have to do Zombivore versions now?

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    Way cool - thanks for sharing these!

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    Very cool!
    How do you deal with printing off the custom cards and the backs being different?

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