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    I live in the UK and am really struggling to get hold of a copy of the game. Every online retailer (including amazon and ebay) seem to be totally sold out with no information about restocking.

    Are there plans for another print run for zombicide? If so when might we expect it to be ready?

    Alternatively if anyone knows of a place with stock would you please point me in the direction.


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    Check your reddit post that I replied to

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    Replay games in Northen Ireland had some and they can ship to the uk ( that's where I got mine, great shop)
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    I hope you found your copy.
    This is happening all around.
    I've spoken to a few retailers, and they all say the same thing: their distributors can't get a copy at all.

    I'm surprised it's so hard to find online though.

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    Saw a few people selling on ebay. The KS set plus everything.

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