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    Default Article: Painting Eldar

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    Not a bad tute. Some more work on the gems and maybe some black lining but overall would be a very impressive army.

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    The steps are very clear, and you've obviously put effort into the tute, but after you tell us in the first step, to clean the model up, and remove mold lines, I find this enormous mold line over the top of the eldars backpack in about 50% of the photos

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    Good article! Btw did you know "verloren" means "lost"in dutch.

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    Nice article. BTW in german "verloren" means "lost" too^^. Next time I would mix the blue into the purple and do a blending with some more colortones. The result will be better. But for a tabletob army it's ok...

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    If the whole model is purple why not "step 2-paint whole model purple, step 3- highlight with light blue" ??

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    The article was fine (iwould've painted the whole model liche purple first though) by why no primer?

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    why no primer? the first few pictures show a model with white primer not too bad

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    don't rate that as 10 by me, i missed that box. i'd give ita 6

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    nice. i really like playing around with some psychedelic ish coulours and totally get this. still, i think the overall is a bit too... unorganized... sorta... i mean, while the blends are clean enough, the whole just appears a little too, unrestricted. could do with some lining, as well as some more effort on the gems. but still, very good!

    btw, in norwegian, "verloren" means... uh, it doesnt really mean anything in norwegian... sorry...

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    Thank you Wolf Fang. Interestingly (for me), this is almost the exact same paint scheme I use. I figured the different tone highlight really adds an unusual/alien/fey look to it which worked perfectly for Eldar.

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