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    I find this a little hard to visualize without pictures. However the technique actually sounds pretty close to what I do so obviously I'm in agreement with the article, for the most part. If I prime a model black, I prefer to re-undercoat the face with white paint; just personal preference. I think the article could have gone further also, and described the different ways of handling eyes... for example, I've noticed there is a big difference between painting eyes on a Warhammer model and a Reaper model, as the latter do not seem to have the nice big eye sockets to work with, so they seem to neccesitate a different approach. You also said you "dot the iris with the black pen" - I believe this is a mistake and you intended to say "pupil" instead of "iris." Quite a good article overall.

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    From someone who is not good at eyes.
    What do you mean "I can take my dark brown inks or washes and touch up all around the eye"?
    Do you put a brown wash on top of the eye so it runs down into the creases? or are you doing something on the black area around the eye?
    I find the article interesting and somewhat helpful, but too brief glossing over details like that.

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    im deducting 2 points. one each for the folowing reasons
    1. no pics - this is the most important, ive been going through the articles quite a bit lately and have found apropriate illustrations increadibly helpfull.

    2. there is no mention that you can use the method you have described a) after painting the face . or b) by painting white on in exactly the same method as you would if doing black . . eyes.
    over all though a good idea and one i expect to try soon

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    I would like to see pics.. though it is 4 years since you said you'd get them :P

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    Default Article: Easy Eyes (maybe)

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    Thanks for the write, seems very interesting, am testing eyes myself and will be trying some in the near future, usually I work on helmets so never really worked on eyes before, however, may I ask if you have any links or photos to take a look of your final eye outlook. Cheers.

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