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    Hello there, this is my actual wip of the mushroom shaman by kimera models. I look for feedbacks on the cap as i'm not really satisfied with that.
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    Honestly, after looking at mushroom pictures and other fersions of this mini on the forum, your painting looks pretty naturalistic. It does appear on nature that in addition to the stripes there seems to be a few sporadic dots around the mushroom in either the latest or darkest shade. If the teansitions are bothering you then maybe some really light glazing with the midtone color would tie it together more, but the transitions you have look naturalistic.

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    Thanks for your answer KruleBear i will think about adding some dots/stains, maybe with the purple i used for the very top of the cap. I've also been told that the clear yellow stripes i put on the edges actually can give the feeling of an "upside down" cap, so i was a bit unsure about removing them or no. My idea was just to smooth them a bit more in some points to reduce the "rough brushtroke" effect you can feel in some points.

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    I thought the "rough" brush strokes were perfectly in keeping with real fungi. If it is the upside down feeling you are worried about. Lighten up the inside of the cap going toward an off white near the outer edge.

    There are a lot better technical painters than me around here, so you may get some better advice as we get through the holidays.

    Not the greatest picture, but these offer a couple different underside transitions.
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