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    Default Mierce Miniatures-Darklands Kickstarter.

    Firstly, let me say this, I was a loyal Maelstrom games customer. Living in Australia, they were my one stop shop, so I lost both money and convenience when they went under.
    So, when I saw Mierce had a Kickstarter, I was a little perturbed. How can this company with their association with Maelstrom, start a campaign asking for money, when the miniature community has been in a furore, every person had an opinion, and the vast majority were not positive.

    I was one of the lucky/brave few ( 474 other souls took part) that decide to would give Mierce a chance. They work with the best miniature sculptors going, JAG, Benoit C, S. Simon, Roberto C etc., and produce in my opinion the finest quality resin pieces on the market, so I thought, I’d lay $100 down for a starter set. I have no real interest in any gaming system, I just enjoy painting tiny little people/monsters as a way to relax from the stresses of life, so for me the chance to get more mini’s for my money appealed more than the game dynamics, dice etc.

    Compared to a lot of other Kickstarter’s, the total figure amassed was for me a little low, especially looking at KD:M raising over $2mil, and with a very comparable miniature quality, maybe 3D sculpture is the more
    popular nowadays? but I assumed Mierce knew this would be the case, what with what went on beforehand, people are obviously still very sceptical, but there is a genuine affection shown by Mierce towards this game
    system and their customers, even messages on orders are addressed to the individual, it’s not a lot but for me and others it makes us feel part of the whole Mierce experience.

    And so onto the campaign. The comments board on the Kickstarter was and still is, a very interactive place. Both leads of Mierce Miniatures (Rob and Tim) are very involved in the boards, answering each and every question, joining in discussions and offering advice, WIP’s etc. They have even extended the opportunity to add to the original pledges, when new sculpts arrived, for example the simply amazing Aradae Mawr http://robertochaudonblog.blogspot.c...adae-mawr.html now this is how a dragon ogre is meant to look, Games Workshop take note! I believe most people added him post Kickstarter, based on Roberto’s sculpt alone.

    My pledge level kept jumping, as it seems did the vast majority of the backers, as the discounts on offer were a little too tempting, and as above, when pieces like this turn up, or this
    http://robertochaudonblog.blogspot.c...5/griminn.html , painters and gamers alike jumped on-board, even today, we backers can still add to our pledges for those ‘factions’ that have yet to be fully released.

    I commented on another thread when this Kickstarter first began and there was a fairly open discussion, without the name calling or finger pointing as found on other forums although the general consensus was negative comments were made, maybe justified, maybe not. I was told that until I have the mini’s in my hand, then not to be too forgiving/trusting. Well, the minis are in hand (just not mine, I had then sent to my parents in London, I’ll be back ‘home’ next week), my dad has inspected, and sent me photos, and even he is amazed at the quality and detail. This from a man that avoids any and all art as pointless waste of time.

    All I can say is, thus far, I am more than happy with both Mierce’s approach to their fans/customers, and the Kickstarter itself. We had a slight 3 week delay from the original quoted delivery, but that was no issue as we have received sculpts that were scheduled in for November/December 6 months early! That’s not too shabby, a Kickstarter that actually posts items within weeks of the quoted date, and for the actual goods to be far superior to the pictures or photos of them too (Others have commented on this, I can confirm next week)

    There is a strong possibly of another Mierce Kickstarter towards the end of this year, to expand the races on their game system, Irish and Roman have been mooted, I would hand on heart say to any of you that enjoy high quality figures from some of the best in their field, jump on board, you will not be disappointed.
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    Thanks for the feedback - I think it's very important for folks to have accurate and fair information regarding Mierce, given the amount of speculation that was flying around when this KS started. As I said in that previous thread you mentioned, my experience with Mierce and their customer service was a very good one. It seems clear to me that they are extremely aware of the ill-will their company was up against from the outset and have been working very hard to clean up their rep. I was lucky, and Mierce made sure I got every single one of the minis I was due from the Maelstrom debacle. Others (who by chance weren't owed Mierce models) got the shaft good and proper. Speaking for myself I am willing to give this company a chance. Their sculpts are excellent, and their customer service and attitude is top notch. I do, however, completely understand if those who were burned by the fall of Maelstrom want nothing to do with Rob Lane's businesses from now on, and would respect any who decided to stay away because of that.
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    I'm glad it worked out well for those involved but I still couldn't get involved in any future KS. I'd feel jolly silly taking a loss if it blew up given what is known. I have a few of their minis already and I'm sure all would agree that they are fantastic quality.

    I'm sure I'll buy some more in the future at full retail through a 3rd party vendor but I will never have counterparty exposure to those folks.
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    They arrived today...

    They are simply the best sculpted miniatures I have ever seen!!! I didn't expect to be so amazed with a line, having seen in the past some great pieces (with Rackham at the top)!!!

    And indeed their customer service is great!!! Their response to any effort of mine to contact with them either by phone or email was excellent and were eager to answer kindly any of my questions!!!

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    I am glad you had a good experience with them, and that you are happy with your minis.

    I was, I think, one of the skeptical voices on that other thread. I remain cautious about them because of their history, but they do seem to have gone some way towards reformation.

    I would be interested to hear if Rob Lane has made any gesture of apology or contrition towards those who were harmed, or if he has been silent.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pygmalion View Post
    I am glad you had a good experience with them, and that you are happy with your minis.

    I was, I think, one of the skeptical voices on that other thread. I remain cautious about them because of their history, but they do seem to have gone some way towards reformation.

    I would be interested to hear if Rob Lane has made any gesture of apology or contrition towards those who were harmed, or if he has been silent.
    You won't see an official apology.
    That's tantamount to an admission of guilt, and could be used as leverage.

    I bought several of the larger minis available at Kickstarter prices, simply by asking if I could. He gladly opened up the pledge section for me, and i went nuts, I dropped 400 GBP!
    The 4 that have already arrived are magnificent, I have no regrets at all.

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