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    i can't get a new password for the pledge manager. any help. thanks.
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    Not sure, but if you don't receive an answer try emailing:

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    I had the same issue yesterday and simply replied to the original pledge manager email that had my info in it. Got a reply back today and got it all sorted out. Good luck.

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    Bài viết hay lắm upppppppppppppppp ............... cho bạn nhé

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    thewy don't wany my money
    Nos es Legio.

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    the website keeps giving me an error code 400.
    Nos es Legio.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dayminkaynin View Post
    the website keeps giving me an error code 400.
    That's odd. I just confirmed my pledge, and paid for some extras, without any problem.
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