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    Red face Chrispy's Vandella WIP

    Okie- Dokie-Loki: So even though this was discussed somewhat tentaviely in other threads, I'm starting the Vandella succubus model from Super Dungeon Explore!
    For those that came in late, I've established I'm going to use Carrera's color scheme from Viper GTS:

    It was either this or Morrigan, and although Van looks more like Mor I think this will make her stand out a bit more. (Plus I can always choose to do this over again on another mini with different paint scheme).

    First of all, her head had to be liberated from her body, as I saw right away there'd be no way to get to some areas on her with that hair in the way. I basically pulled until I could cut at her neck, then filled and pinned it. She's also been cut off the base too, evidement.

    Since I'm not really going to use her to play, I decided on a bigger display base. I've had a bunch of molds from Hirstarts for a while now ( but just recently I invested in some casting resin. So I pour some on the stonework mold and press the base in. I lucked out because the resin stuck to the textured top, but not the smooth sides so it was easy to deall with the overlap.

    Yeah, there were a few bubbles and you can see where it picked up the dust that didn't get cleaned, but it's a good start. I imagined Van atop a fallen adventurer that had succumbed to her charms, so I also got the rough shapes done in milliput.

    I have a bad habit of trying to sculpt all at once and not having a good base for other stuff to go on top of, so hopefully this will help. You can see his super ginormous chibi head, small body, and I made shapes that will be a perfume bottle (from her treasure card) and a rolled blob from the extra clay- that's a rough hilt on the far right. I'm using milliput since it has a better capacity to be sanded and smoothed than GS (that, and my GS got old- my brown and white are okay, but the milliput comes in a bigger package).

    Am I getting over my head with my current practice in sculpting? Probably. I take things like this in stride, though and just try and do my best. One problem of my professional art training is that I've had normal proportions and anatomy drilled into me so much when I need to do something like this I have to steer in the opposite direction to what needs to be done.

    Well, that's the very beginning for now- more and more later!

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    Awesome! Can't wait to see how this turns out. Not too many people using SDE models outside the confines of the game.
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    Very interesting thread. Not seen a SDE mini in a wip. Cheers will
    Join me as I try to place as a finalist at Golden Demon

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    I like where the base is going!
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    Well, this project has been shelved for the moment for two reasons- one, all my epoxy putty that I was going to do the details in is too hard for any kind of detail and more importantly 2, my dad had to go in for eye surgery because he had a detached retina. So I'll get back to this once my putty gets here and just hope he heals up okay.

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    Nice thing about painting, it can wait forever. Hope your dad is okay soon.
    "Remember, you can't spell paint without a little pain."

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    Hope your dad is ok and hope to see you back to this WIP. It is a nice change of pace.

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    Hope your Dad is ok
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    Thanks for all who wished Da well, the swelling and the redness has gone down but he still can't see out of the eye yet- because there is still a nitrogen gas bubble the doctors put in it. Eye surgery just sounds all around freaky now.

    Anyways, I tried to get the plinth for the base ready.
    I've sanded, primed, painted, saw the surface was too rough with brush marks, sanded, airbrushed, gloss coat, saw big scratches, sanded, filled with squadron putty, primed, saw the texture is weird thanks to the putty, and sanded. Again. So the more I do this, the more I say I should just burn the evil one inch cube that is vexing me. Stupid, stupid carpentry.

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    Why not just sand, stain and varnish? If it's got a nice or interesting wood grain use it. If there is damage to it burn away at the damage with dremel tool on a very high speed or wood burning kit to add areas of interest and organic patterns. Maybe more work than you like, but it can be fun. You can even use coffee or tea to stain the wood if you don't want to deal with wood stain. TO LEARN MORE, WHY DON'T YOU STOP BY THIS AWESOME BLOG THAT I FOUND O_o

    Sorry. I'm weird sometimes.
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    Well, currently I sanded it down until I couldn't see any more of the primer- this took out the scratches and such and also caused me to get a blister due to the intense vibrations. I primed black again then went over that with an extra fine sandpaper, and now I'm "varnishing" it with future floor wax I mixed with ink.. not GW ink or vallejo ink wash or any of that- INK! Blackest India ink that steals your sight if you try to look into it. So far so good. But now- has anyone used future floor wax wood AND vinyl, and how do they compare. I could only find vinyl and tiles stuff in any store around here. It's pretty glossy, but I may have to buff it out or have another coat for a mirror-like shine. All I know is it dries SO much faster than my old vallejo gloss coat.
    @Zab- I think I've seen those before, but why do you put felt on the bottom? Better for wear and tear on the very bottom or just makes it fluffy?

    Alzo- I should be trying to sculpt more stuff today, so I'll have pics later when it's all dry.

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    I put felt there to keep them from scratching my nice photo backgrounds, and because it looks pretty. Vandella has pink leopard print felt on the bottom of hers.
    "Remember, you can't spell paint without a little pain."

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    "waves" long time no see Chrispy. Done any comics lately?

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    Hey kat! Well, I've been trying to improve on my artwerk.. plus when the FBI took my computer, they also absconded with all my digital art stuff. Government is stupid. more people need to stop using it.

    nyways- Here's the work so far:

    I used GS to make the "skirt" and belt plus some form for the cartoony boots, I sanded the face's general shapes in, used brownstuff for the shield's lip (which was sanded into a better shape), and last but not least is the infamous block. It's touch dry, but any attempt of mine to buff it has the opposite of intended effects. Luckily I'm testing this on the ugly side which will be in the back.

    While I'm sculpting, I tried out my color shapers I got for pastels since I've heard people using them. Although they do work wonderfully, I have 2 problems.. I go them size 6 and the soft kind for pastels. I'm going to have to get the grey size 0- BUT!- I've noticed being such a huge honking size in comparison to the stuff I'm working on is actually a good thing. Recently, a lot of artists I've been looking at use tools that are too big for the job at hand. David Shevlino looks like he never uses any brush under size 2.. and we're talking house painter brushes, and Julia Ambrose roughs out her sculpts with large wooden blocks. What I'm getting at here is I think the fact I'm initially using giant sculpting tools makes me more conscious of the forms I need and can rough them out better. Anyhoo- back to the frozen Apoxie tubs!

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    Okay, after a flurry of sculpting:

    Hmm.. an elf with an ocarina, boomerang, shield and sword in a hood.... who could that be? There's really no reason I did some in GS and some in Apoxie- it depended on what I had to use up at the time- except I knew the face had to be sandable for the slight curves, so that's why the head is apoxie.
    While I had a batch mixed up, I decided to try my hand at sculpting a chibi/ cartoon-y skull from scratch, all in one go. This gave me some problems, as if I squashed one part, the whole side went with it. I also had the teeth perfect, then they got pushed back further and smudged, so I did what I could to keep the detail. I had made a special tool out of a ball point pen nib with the tiny ball poked out for making rivets, and it shined making the teeth on this. While I had this awesome skull and my resin molding stuff, I decided to try and cast some. What came next, I could not have planned out better- the skull came out hollow with perfect holes in it's eyes for an LED! Yeah, wish I had thought of it before, that way I could have hollowed out the plinth block more. I also filled and sanded the shield since it looked weird in the above photo, and added rivets made from the pen tip tool.
    the very bottom is going to be a parchment scroll relief for the front of the block. I thought it was a little short, so added on more with apoxie.
    Still debating if I should try water soluble oils on this- I've got summer classes soon, so I don't like having only a few hours to paint before and after and constantly make new mixes when the dry out.. on the other hand, what expirence I've had with oils on minis means I'll be having to wait a week for it to dry fully.. Sigh....

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    I'm so sorry! I had no Idea why you had been away! Hope things are looking up for you now.

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    She killed link?! I knew she was evil, but I thought it was more of a playful thing. That is looking great BTW!
    "Remember, you can't spell paint without a little pain."

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    Thanks Zab! It was either Link or Maximo in his underwear from Ghosts & Goblins.. but I think more ppl know about Linky. He's not going to be dead, just completely lurvstruck, which is why I didn't sculpt eyes, they'll be hearts (well, that and I don't have access to a 3d printer like how they made Vandella's).
    I really want to prime these and start mixing, but it's 100 degrees out.. and it's 8:00 at night.. Stupid, stupid weather.

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    What idiot decided I should to this in oils? Oh.. yeah... Me.
    Okay, so:

    I mixed up all my oils, and they are drying up (even though I made alot of them- tube paint does not lend itself to small drops). I went ahead and did skin and hair, even though one wrong move will smudge the other, but the turquoise makes a natural complement to her skin, thus creating a good contrast. I'll probably to some acrylic over this once it's all dry. It's frustrating to have my paints in the wet palette drying out, yet the mini's paint isn't drying at the same rate. Instead of my usual hours of painting with 30 mnute breaks, it's 30 min paint- walk away and I have a bad habit of messing with things that are fine and screwing it up. Oh, well- will have to get started on Link and the base while I'm waiting for things to dry.

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