Help a new Dark Age player understand the books?
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Thread: Help a new Dark Age player understand the books?

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    Default Help a new Dark Age player understand the books?

    So I'm brand new to Dark Age (thanks to a wonderful panel/demo from Mr. Black at the CMON Expo!) and I'm trying to catch up by getting the books. I got the Core Rules book at the expo, but it doesn't really have any fluff in it at all... is the "Forcelists" book the one I need? It also seems like the "Devastation" is just focused on the C.O.R.E. and the Skarryd Cult of Metamorphosis, right?

    Are there any older books that are worth getting? I found one called "Genesis" on ebay that I picked up, but I honestly don't know what it contains. Hopefully it's more than just outdated rules...

    Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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    Force lists is PACKED with stories.

    Is it needed to play/enjoy the game? No

    But if you want so good backstory and possible hints of things to come...I would get the book.

    It also has great art, painted models, and more!
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    genesis was from the last edition of the game but has story most likely not relative to the current.

    and here's some...
    not really story but...!-Part-II!
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