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    hey folks, have a new submission comming up! as always im happy for votes and c&c.

    cmon link here ---> http://www.coolminiornot.com/333724


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    Very nice mate, voted.
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    Very nice indeed

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    I think your paintwork is rather good as always and the 'backstory' is sympathetic to the miniature and display.
    But for me what detracts from the whole thing is the 'stringing'. As spider webs they just don't look 'right' or realistic.
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    ty folks!

    about the spiderweb i have to agree, not perfect. but as a whole i think it added some feeling to the piece

    btw, nice not to get the standard "nice, but pictures are crap" line, lol! guess its pretty obvious im not the photographer

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    great looking piece really lovin your base 8)

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    I think you have great brush skills, but I always find your pieces a little hard to read. You like very earthy tones and I think that sacrifices a little in the contrast of the whole look. That is just a very minor minor quibble. I have to say they are very impressive, and filled with detail.

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