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    Quote Originally Posted by Jbickley00 View Post
    Some painters even do layers of varnish between painting sessions and to seal in pigments.
    lol! Whoa! Hold yer horses there. Don't drag me into the middle of this. All I did was offer a suggestion on primer that I have used for a couple of years now and has worked nicely for me...but I understood the point very quickly.

    I run circles around many painters when it comes to time - if I have to wait too long for the sealer to dry - then I did it wrong and applied too much.

    So - who wants to race? (Runs before they start throwing the rotten tomatoes. j/k!)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jbickley00 View Post
    You mean that's not art? Seems to me that buckshot and spray paint on board is a fine example of a mixed media technique.
    I'm a big critic of the whole "method" modern art where it gets you more to think about how it was made vs. what it is. Any idiot can splatter paint on a canvas, but be the first with the idea and become Jackson Pollock. This seems to be the popular thing among the artistic "elite". I've done things like this just to please my teacher and she gushes about the new direction my art is taking and whatnot, but I just did it to get a better grade and do something easy to fill my quota. Even while doing it, I thought it was stupid. The urban myth is that one of these shotgun/ spraycan paintings by the first guy to think it up that sold for thousands of dollars was thrown away by the maid because she thought it was trash.

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    My own personal experience with Rustoleum Has ranged from great(at first) to horrific (lately). IMHO your better off not using it on mini's, especially the plastic variety. I've had the primer melt GW plastics in the past. I've also ran into the powdered dust also.

    Right now i have been using Duplicolor primer, Same stuff Kathryn uses. The black is ace, the white you need to watch the layer build up. Their can nozzles are nice also. It isn't too expencive either.

    I've just got some Vallejo Surface primer to use in winter time, but i just tried it.
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    I know it's been a while (that just shows you how long I take between projects with school and such) but I finally found a cheap, readily available and satisfactory spray primer.
    Valspar, the Lowe's brand of paint, makes a "Color Radiance" line of paint+primer, and the flat white goes on very smooth without texture. After the whole Rustoleum debacle, it's nice to find something that WORKS. I also tried spraying gesso through an airbrush, but because that stuff is so thick the amount you need to thin it doesn't make it a worthy endeavor.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ced1106 View Post
    You need to tell us *which* Rustoleum primer product you used. It's also possible that the store kept it on the shelves too long (happens at hobby stores with hobby spray primer and hobby paints), or the primer was stored incorrectly (eg. left out in the sun or cold on a palette). Here's the one I use.
    ced1106, I have the exact primers you mentioned including the grey. How long have you had to wait before the tackiness goes away? I primed some minis last night and 16 hours later they're still pretty tacky (although the can says "24" hours -- i'm a little concerned).

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