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    copy from another post Posted 27 January 2013 - 07:01 AM So after a bunch of debating I decided to get the . I am creating a demo game set for taking to LGS to show off. It will only include the standard 50 minis, so I figured having the battle foam would be a nice way to organize this set. I have included some photos below for those that want to see it. The foam tray looks and feels very nice. I love the engraved Sedition Wars logo on the lid. The tray itself has more then 50 slots for minis to fit into. While at first it may seem nice to have the extra spaces there is a slight problem. They did not include a cutout for the playing cars, dice, or counters. When you set the foam in the box, put on the lid, and place the five game tiles on top, it sits right at the top edge of the box. This leaves no room for anything that is not a miniature, including the rule book. If you throw the rule book on top the lid will not close all the way, but its not bad enough to cause issues. My current plan is to assemble all the minis, see which spaces are left empty, and do some custom cutting to make it fit the cards etc. I shouldn't have to do this, but I own the item now and will do what I need to make it work. Once I have done the mods I will post it up in case there are others that want to do the same thing.

    Untitled by automechanicx, on Flickr

    SW Battle Foam 2 by automechanicx, on Flickr

    SW Battle Foam 3 by automechanicx, on Flickr

    SW Battle Foam 4 by automechanicx, on Flickr

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    Copy & paste here to share. Here are a couple pics showing what it does and doesn't hold from Sedition Wars + wave 1 Biohazard (not pictured, cards, dice, counters, and a Grendlr and resin Kara I haven't assembled yet)

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