Base Coating Resen vs. Metal and/or Plastic
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Thread: Base Coating Resen vs. Metal and/or Plastic

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    Default Base Coating Resen vs. Metal and/or Plastic

    I'm relatively new to the painting miniatures with my initial dive into metal and plastic miniatures. I've been using a series of colored acrylic spray paint to basecoat them and I've been pretty happy with the results, especially if there's a predominance of a single color (like on a Blood Angels MkIII Land Raider). I've recently picked up a few minis made of resin and am curious if there's a different recommendation for the base coat phase or if they need base coating at all with the fine features these minis have. Any recommendations? Thanks.

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    Hey there, welcome. You can use exactly the same procedures for resin.

    Most painters these days will recommend using a primer as the first step in painting a model, and this would generally be irrespective of whether they were subsequently basecoated like you're doing. Some paints of this type will in essence function as a primer, but generally speaking true primers are stronger and bond better to the model material (be it plastic, metal or resin) than any regular paint.


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