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    Question to the masses, I run warhammer fantasy tournaments and a player show up with chaos dwarves. I let him use them for that day but told. Him id review it . So would you allow him to play them or not? And if you could say way you think the way you do.


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    Is the tournament free to play in, or is there a entrance fee? Is there placement prize(s)? Is it a group that 'knows' each other or not (area that the players are coming from)? Is the player proxing models for another codex or using a Chaos Dwarves codex that is homebrewed, or 4th edition and unsupported?

    If money is involved, then no. GW has a list someplace on their websites of all the supported and 'legal' codex, this is what people are expecting too play against not something that is outdated, and not written for the modern edition of the game. Clarity of the rules involving special weapons, stats, magical powers change between editions and may not transfer.

    "Sorry, but that Codex isn't a legal Codex for this edition of the game." (show him the list) "I'm sorry but I can't allow it." Then, if he can't handle it, that's his problem.

    If it is a 'fun' tournament, no money involved or a bunch of friends, I'd say yes with approval of the group/ review of codex, etc.
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    Chaos dwarves aren't home brew or 4th ed - there's a current and valid list for them from warhammer Forge. They're in the Tamurkhan book, I believe. So the question really boils down to one 40k TOs have had for years: is Forge World tournament legal? It's up to the TO, but it should be made clear in the tourney rules, and extend to either all Warhammer Forge stuff or none of it. Eg if Chaos Dwarves are barred, the so are plague toads and cockatrices.
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    Quote Originally Posted by me_in_japan View Post
    Chaos dwarves aren't home brew or 4th ed - there's a current and valid list for them from warhammer Forge.
    and even if the FW is not allowed I'd say that the 4th ed book is valid.
    I's not the player's fault, that GW didn't update his/her favorite race since forever.

    Altough not as visible, but slowly the same if true for WoodElves/Bretons/Dwarves. They all got their book in 6th ed (and it's 8th now, slowly 9th)

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    Unless anyone else minds, who cares? Let him play with is toys

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    Its a pay to play, with store credit prizes. And some of the players don't get along, so it's causing issues. Thanks ill have to look on gw.com to find that list.

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    Thats the issue half 9f my players say yes the other half say no.

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    Regardless of the presence or absence of an officially recognised list of army books, since CD are now exclusive to Warhammer Forge, it's going to come down to the TO's personal choice. I say let him use them - the minis cost a fortune and I can't see how adding 1 more potential opponent to a tourney could unbalance things for everyone else. How many warhammer armies are there? Adding one more aint gonna unbalance things, I'd've thought. As for rules for individual units, one must assume that warhammer forge is as play tested as regular GW stuff. I appreciate this may not be very much, but at least it's comparable.

    Ps: here's the book I'm talking about.

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    How religious are you on using GW only miniatures in armies? If you're flexible and happy to allow Scibor mini's or similar then I'd say you ought to allow Chaos Dwaves but only if using the Forge World rules. If it's a set of rules downloaded off the internet then I'd say no as you have no guarantee they're going to be balanced or even legit. I'd also suggest that you come up with some tournament rules - base it off the official GW ones and modify to fit. That way at least it doesn't look like you're penalising one player

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