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    So I was looking around online to try to find some information on black lining. I know a lot of people do not like the look of it, but I love it. I like the cartoony look it gives my figures, the more pronounced sectioning of colors and such. I also love how it sections off details and such.

    A few things I found suggested Copic markers so I got this set off amazon

    But I am having a hard time with them actually writing on the paint. Am I doing something wrong maybe?

    I have tried varying pressures, and using different sizes. I am thinking maybe the issue is that I have already applied washes to different areas and I make my washes with a small amount of future floor wax.

    Any advice, help, or tutorials is welcome. Thanks ahead of time.

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    You may want to check out this thread:
    I wouldn't recommend pens for blacklining, mostly because you're going to be doing it in recessed areas with texture, a fine detail brush and use of an ink wash or watered down paint is usually used. Plus, the brush tip conforms and moves with the different areas better. Hope this helps!

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    Agreed Chrispy, plus pens bleed. Just thin down some black and use a fine brush. It's good for practicing brush control anyway Also try not using pure black ,but tinting it slightly with the color you are lining. Still gives that cartoony feel while keeping things looking cohesive.
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    Instead of trying to fill black lines in you could try and undercoat with black spray then block in the colours leaving the black line where required - it will give the same effect.
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    Here's something I used to do that might help. After painting one section of my mini I'd "clean up" the bordering sections with black. So let's say I'm painting the skin and then moving onto the shirt/armor/whatever. Any place on the clothing/armor that I got skin color on, I go over with black paint. I take the black right up to the boundary between the two. Then, when I paint the next section, there's a little border of black where the two meet. I'd do this anytime I changed colors or parts of the mini. This works if you're using a black primer... if you did it with white it might cause some issues.

    The end result had that black lined look. I don't do it anymore since that's not the look I'm going for, but maybe it will work for you.

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    Another +1 to using a wash and a brush for recessed black lining. If you thin the wash down a little so you need more than one coat, the edges won't be quite as harsh which will eliminate some of the cartoony effect blacklining can sometimes create.

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