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    So i had my first attempt at NMM gold, and i need advice.

    What i'd like to know is what color should i use on my final highlight up top? My test model used pure white (GW Skull white), but i was advice against it.

    My highest highlight right now is Bleached Bones with a very light touch of bubonic Brown

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    You could probably use a mix of 1 part yellow to 2 parts bleached bone for this, just to tinge it a bit more- and maybe add a bit more white. This is looking more brass colored to me right now, hence my suggestion for more yellow.

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    Looking good, I dont think the final highlights are the problem but the shadows / midtones. Go real dark in the deep places (near black) then more warm tones (washes of dark flesh / purples)
    on Wills masterpiece here you can see loads of glazes of them colours. Keep the glazes real thin and dont load the brush to much.

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    on my Broga there are more browns and havent used as many yellow glazes as Will.

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    As for the final colours Chrispy is smack on with bleached bone then pure whites - but don't overshadow the midtones with the highlights.

    Hope this helps
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    Quote Originally Posted by 10 ball View Post
    Looking good, I dont think the final highlights are the problem but the shadows / midtones.
    exactly what 10ball says.
    The highlights could go as high as Ivory, but what's really missing are the shadows/midtones.

    Also please don't show that golden BA whenever I look at it I realize how much my NMM sucks.

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    i have to admit, more midtone would have been a good idea. I used the same recipe used on the lettering, which skipped a few of my initial color because the detail was simply too small to consider.

    For this one, i'll have to keep it like that (don't really want to go over it again), but i'm definately keeping that in mind for the next big gold detail.

    Where should the bleached bones / skull white highlight be applied? I know its usually the opposite to the current highlighting (at least, that's my understanding)

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    Question - Why did you choose the colors you chose?

    And a YOUTUBE channel
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tommie Soule View Post
    Question - Why did you choose the colors you chose?
    Answer - because it was the best brown i had in hands, and its color i used before for highlight/shading, and i liked how they worked together. Take those same color, and you got some nice looking fur.

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