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    Here's another update..

    First off, the firefighter.. I added some more skin highlights, but my concern is that it's not life-like.. When I look at the box art, the skin is lighter and more pink/red in it.. I'm nervious of adding red to this.. I also put some more pieces on it. What do you all think?

    Next - Rabbit goblin - I'm thinking that the "puffy" bits from the white patch is some form of stuffing, not sure if the light blue works for that or not. I didnt want to make it another off white, fearing that it would get lost in the patch. I think I need to glaze down the green highlights a little and going for yellow crazy eyes. Opinions?

    Last.. my WIP for the online rainbow competition for WAMP.. I had the hardest time trying to figure out which figure to attempt to enter this. Supposedly you need the piece to use all the colors of the rainbow or something like that. I was going not to bother with it, but then I saw primed Calandra - one of my trollblood casters. She's supposed to be like a gypsie or something like that, so I figured that would do.. I think I need more on the skin with her, but I'm not sure how much is too much.. Might have to go with the old addage - More Contrast! I'm also not sold on the glowie orange jewel on the shaman beads, is it getting lost in the yellow? I would like to know..

    Thanks for stopping by and taking a look.

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    This is how you do a face realistically....use it on your need also to start thinking about moving away from flesh for example most of us use flesh and when we shade and highlight we still use flesh colors..but if you add an extra step in like what I do is after all the shading/highlighting I'll use a final step of reds and 8 the darkest places blue,reapers deep ocean,this gradiant of moving from warm to cool shades for example if you go to my w I p look at my new chaos test model you'll see he's shaded and colored using glazes of reds and blues.these glazes are thin and may take a few coats and sometimes even I go to much and have to resign light but that's ok...I need to start getting you in the direction of tonal variation.we've all seen my orks that I've highlighted the green muscles with red glazes instead of a lighter green.this is tonal variation....start using it start by mastering using it in your faces like the fireman you get the hang we can discuss how to use it into 28mm models...once you get the hang of this you just may start winning contests or at least have your models chance of winning as good as the other pros...cannot believe nobody taught you this yet...selfish bastards..I don't mind helping you bud.not at all.use for the gobo a glaze mix of yellow and green mixed.and the bunny suit I want you to think alot of a deep blue and then I want you to glaze it on the bunny suit in these parts ,under the armpits,under the crotch area the inside of the thighs,and the left leg kicked up running I want you to glaze it on that quad and thigh..very thin layers make sure each is dry...send me photos as each dries this way we can see where to stop.
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    After hours/days of indecision with the firefighter's skin tone, I took the plunge and added the glazes per Blood's last post here. I almost completely freaked out when I applied the initial color, he was 2 steps away from a simple green bath and no chance to be entered in the Nova's painting comp in September. (at the rate that I paint) I left him for a day, then I started glazing the base skin tone back and I think I finally got a decent blend. I have to say, I'm pretty happy with the results. I really appreciate all of the info, advice and sometimes a kick in the pants that got me to this step. Let me know what you all think.. Thanks!

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    There you go...big difference make sure everybody knows who the teacher is!!! Lmfao...great job much more emotive results.

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    So much better. Look to shading the underside of the eye some more. Add highlight to the edge of the skin just below the eye, it will make the eye pop more.
    i think a very fine brown outline around the White of the eye.

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    The face colors are great, it really comes to life. My advice is that you should try to blend in the eyebrows a little, as it is now, it looks as if he has sculpted them and used a lot of make-up. Blending the edges will make them more natural.

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    Dam good mate! Glad to see Bam has reposted the pic I pinched off Ben Komets :P
    I think Oistene comment on the browes is a good one.
    The eyes could do with a tiny bit of black lining between the eye lids and whites.
    Lighten up the tops of the check bones if your feeling adventurous too.
    check out 10 balls dirty Harry.

    Paint on buddy
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    lmao all this time I thought the ben komets trick was created by true story.

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    Worked on the face some more, but not too sure if I screwed it up or not. I might need to add back some more red to the face

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    Youve gone to strong with the shade and covered the mid tones. Re-work the mid skin tones back.
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    I do agree the one 5 hang is this khonner this is the first attempt no matter how you slice it people like ten a my self can help you get it right so for ex go rework the midtone in I've done it all my career I get to the end and then I decide if my contrast is dark enough and if there is enough intermediate colors like midtone now 8 you do not keep a log like all painters should I can safely refresh your memory your midtone=your's that simple now you just go in and pick a blending technique it can be layering with glazes or 2 or 1 brush blending what ever you have preference for and go blend it and this thing will be great. Now I know we all strive to achieve a model that when done if nobody critiques it then it turned out perfec5,but here the critic is great because 1 it's gonna make you learn that if you have to go back in a ND change something on a model at the end then you won't be so turned off to the idea and 2z) it's going to make this model perfec5.

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    Another update.

    The Rabbit Gobbo sustained an injury so he's on hold until I can get the replacement arm, so I selected the 2nd choice of this line - Wonder Gob.. Pretty happy with the skin so far.. Let me know what you all think..

    Finished up my Verthani from Andrea..

    And did a little more on the firefighter..

    Comments always welcomed.. Thanks.

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    Lmao on wonder gob. Great stuff man. Hahaha.
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    It's the oranges, ain't it, Digg?? Always about the oranges with you..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Khonner View Post
    It's the oranges, ain't it, Digg?? Always about the oranges with you..
    Lmao, well I am from Florida and you don't go outside without seeing an orange tree.
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    "Screw paint by numbers, that garbage is for kids. Paint by BAM, now that's the way to go
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    Things to quote out of context: "I want you to glaze it on the bunny Suit"
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    Happy to see you finish Verthani! Shield, cape and hair are the best parts fromwhat I can appreciate. Nice job.

    On the firefighter, I think the eyebrows are nicer now, they look more natural.

    The wondergobbogirl looks like a really funny thing to paint! xD
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    Default Really big improvement

    All you need to do is practice I'll say it over and over the more models that pass through your hands the better you'll get.great improvements on the newest projects including the firefighter.hang in there.

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    The firefighter's skin is looking so much more lifelike! I think you could up the intensity of your shadows a bit more, especially where the face would be darkened by the helmet.

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    Thanks for the feedback.. I really appreciate it. I will have some updated pics up today.. I actually have almost a full day to paint today..

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