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    I get a burst of keen as the afternoon progresses and really fancy doing a bit of painting this weekend... but I'm off with the girlfriend to see her parents in Wales

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    I has da solution for you - take stuff with you.

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    Yep Einion is right. Disguise it as a cooler box of "food for the journey"...


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    dont take it with you! bite the bullit be attentive, caring and considerate. This is worth major brownie points if you play it right remember you catch more blow j...flies i meant flies, with honey than vinegar.

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    • a person who is greatly admired or feared.
    ORIGIN mid 16th cent.: translating Latin semideus .

    on a serious note, i do commissions, no really i do, ask and ye shall receive

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    Einion is, by far, one of the smartest and wisest guys on this forum....

    However i am totally with cass on this one mate
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    Where in Wales are you off to?

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    Just be thankful you have a GF.
    And are going to Wales.
    Both sound good to me right now.

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    Einion is wise, but Cassar is Right!

    Win the family, Win the girl!
    If she's worth keeping then you'll tolerate (almost) anything, but if they are asshats, then come back for some more wise words of experience.
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    I dunno, she's taking him to Wales, that could be a step too far...

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    Lol, cheers all. Sadly taking bits with me wasn't an option as we went straight from work, I am thinking that I might start packing a little box of bits on the future though. Completely agree Cass, it's a weekend of politeness for me we're actually giving her Dad an unused fish tank so earning browniej points for that with luck. I did bring my laptop with me and a couple of books so I at least have a bit of a break.

    @freak. It's Bridgend, (Kenfig Hill), so not a million miles from Cardiff. Might have to sort out a meet up next time we're down (rather than suffer the Saturday evening crap they insist on watching on the tv...)

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