SW on indiegogo? (2013.06.19)
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Thread: SW on indiegogo? (2013.06.19)

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    Default SW on indiegogo? (2013.06.19)


    I just found this: http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/se...abaster?c=home

    is it legit?
    in a way it's tempting, as I missed out on the KS
    in another way it looks like a ripoff/fake, so can't really decide.

    did CMON create that indiegogo project?

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    Fake, with bells on. CMoN need to give this guy a clip round the ear. Very dodgy behaviour indeed, altho I see it has raised exactly 0 money so far, which is reassuring.
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    is studio mcvey aware of this? i would definitely say scam as all of the unlock goals are posted, in fact all of the details for it have been lifted directly from kickstarter. steer clear!

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    I just posted this on the SMV boards where the mods/mike would see it.
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