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    Every time I see the profile pic for David Doust I can't help but think of the commercials. He once rolled a perfect score in Yahtzee. His painting skills are so good he won a Crystal brush for a primed mini. His house rules have been sold as new games. He is the "Most Interesting Gamer in the World".

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    Is he now. Well I would like to proudly boast that in all likelihood I am the finest player of the game Talisman this world has ever seen - if not this quadrant of the galaxy. Or the universe itself. I may not have won at the UK Games Expo this year, but I would have done if I had not been turned into a toad. I drew about 5 magic objects/followers in a row from the start including a Talisman - the Fates were with me! Then those temperemental sluts decided to turn the table of Doom upon me. Pah!!!!!! I still remain, the greatest player alive!


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    I don't come to the forums often, but when I do, I like to see threads like this

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