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Thread: Rothskins lair

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    Thank you! I need another camera i think

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    Default Progress

    Some work on the gith
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    very nice sculpting int eh thread, nice to see the gith with some paint on to, nice work.

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    Thank you, i will finish the work and take more photos.

    And the other thin. I need some help with my dragon. I thinking about the rider of the dragon. What you can imagine? And what you think? Ah some photo :
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    Rothskin, is the Gith your sculpt? Very cool mini. My favorite from the Fiend Folio

    As for the dragon rider, I always like lances on dragons, probably because I am an old D&D guy, but maybe you could do something different. What about a spell caster? Or maybe a child?

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    Hello! Yea the gith is my work, you can see the green version on this forum first page. I thinking a monster type rider, but the spell caster is not a bad idea.

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    Default Some old

    Hi. I take this old pics from my Nurgle. This is a sculping trying for me, i think not the worst.
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    The Gith is looking pretty amazing. Great job on it.
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    Default mordon and others

    hey again! What you think about this: interesting for paint or not? I thinking about 3d print it. Thnx for replies.Name:  umordon11.jpg
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    I like the winged ball and mindflayer. I was kind if 'meh on this one and then you showed the color version. Cool and disturbing. Nice work.

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    All look quite interesting, to be honest.
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    Default rep

    Thnx the replies!
    I try find someone who made a good quality modells. Next bit here:
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