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Thread: Want all the team and ringer info together with rule clarifications?

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    Default Want all the team and ringer info together with rule clarifications?

    I will just promote my PDF one last time, at least here it will stick around

    I will keep this updated with relevant informations from this forum.
    Last edited by Brian Nors; 07-01-2013 at 03:37 AM. Reason: I changed my mind, I will keep it up-to-date :)

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    Been a really helpful document to have available, great work Brian.

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    Yes Brian thank you for the amazing work!

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    Brian, you should see if you can get permission to put that over on BGG

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    As I started another thread with questions for Eric, I realized that I have to keep this up-to-date with forum answers. So I will

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    Thanks for this. It's AWESOME.

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    There is a updated version with a lot of answers from Eric given here at the forum. Also improved the layout a bit. Hope you like it :-)

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    I think there is a typo on Daemons. The card says an opponent my burn a 3+ energy card to avoid damage. The "C" comment says an opponent can DISCARD a previously played 3+ energy card. When I see discard, I think it should go to discard pile and not count against the 9. Should that say they can BURN a 3+ card to avoid damage, even if the same value has already been played (burn a dead 3+)?

    Thanks! This FAQ has been really helpful.

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    johnny9k Yes, I believe the comment in the pdf needs to be updated to say change the Discard to burn. There have been multiple instances of the words burn and discard used as synonyms when they really are not for this game.

    TLDR = It should say burn and yes you can burn an already dead card to save vs this damage.

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