Trophies, who wanted trophies?
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Thread: Trophies, who wanted trophies?

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    Lightbulb Trophies, who wanted trophies?

    I actually wasn't one of those (but I do see the appeal and would readily make use of one), however a league end trophy is a great idea and a lot of people like to have something there to actually cackle over...

    I proposed what I feel to be an elegant solution in the comments on the KS and that was if we had a magnetic trophy, which for a league winner conferred a title holder upgrade that carried through to the next season for free. Now in theory we don't even have to have a new upgrade or even an actual trophy designed though that is what I hope we can get thematically... You could, as in the league rules so far, have the league creator choose one existing upgrade token that will perform this role as a reward, in much the way the achievements are selected. This would involve no extra components in any expansion plans.

    It also works quite well I think with Eric's vision and the generally tight dynamics of the game and the very physical nature of the mechanics, which stop players losing count of kills etc.

    If we could however get a set of magnetic trophies done in the expansion, could we have an upgrade design that is unique for a title holder, what would work? Could we have more trophies than the Kaos cup? I was hoping that a few of us would dream up regional variants of the Kaos ball trophy to represent the league where we are, we had a pretty good European spread complimenting the large US/Canadian input, would be nice to retain that feel. I thought CMoN could run a competition but regardless it might be something we could just share as a community on the run-up to Feb, also if an expansion was handled via KS (is that the intent?) a trophy design reward tier could work.


    Looking forward to February and seeing how things play.

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    For one, I did not wanted a trophie... Sorry

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    I'd like tokens for character/team abilities such as Curse and Trash.

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    Trophy, no trophy... either way. Not very passionate about it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by glenn3e View Post
    I'd like tokens for character/team abilities such as Curse and Trash.
    Me too, but we still lack to know how it is implemented.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brian Nors View Post
    Me too, but we still lack to know how it is implemented.

    Me three on the extra tokens

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