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    Looking through all the streach goals makes you feel happy and proud

    Name:  KB-Stretch-Goal-50k.jpg
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Size:  72.4 KBName:  KB-Stretch-Goal-75k.jpg
Views: 434
Size:  70.4 KBName:  KB-Stretch-Goal-100k-alt.jpg
Views: 437
Size:  62.7 KBName:  KB-Stretch-Goal-110k.jpg
Views: 435
Size:  64.0 KBName:  KB-Stretch-Goal-120k.jpg
Views: 435
Size:  61.4 KBName:  KB-Stretch-Goal-130k.jpg
Views: 438
Size:  62.9 KBName:  KB-Stretch-Goal-150k--Zombie-team.jpg
Views: 439
Size:  68.5 KBName:  KB-Stretch-Goal-160k-Gabe.jpg
Views: 434
Size:  65.5 KBName:  KB-Stretch-Goal-170k-Tycho.jpg
Views: 436
Size:  67.1 KBName:  KB-Stretch-Goal-200k-KTULU.jpg
Views: 439
Size:  74.0 KBName:  KB-Stretch-Goal-320k-The-Warrior.jpg
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    It has been an amazing 20 days, and I will never forget the last four days. Now we must stand the long wait until February. But today we are happy

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    Som predicted that we would not go beyond 32K, others that 200K was completely unrealistc and 1500 KBL passholders was way out of line for a streach!

    What do you remember from the 20 days?

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    The good: Fun reading all the comments. Watching those goals get smashed.

    The bad: Not being searchable.

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    I remember that I was worried we wouldn't get to 200k and get Kutulu... I really enjoyed the last few days!
    My only other KS campaign was kinda different, not bad, just less hype... CMoN campaigns sure are fun (numbers go up really fast)!

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    Also the many speculations about how many teams would be available, I did not beleive that we would get all 18. But I was wrong and I am very happy about that

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    It was the 1st KS where I had been continually drawn back to the page, wanting to get an update on the $$ or Passholder numbers or the new SG's offered. The comments were thick & fast and always kept me on the edge as to would we or wouldn't we reach the goals.

    It was BLAST. Thank Eric & CMON !!

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    I admit I was sort of hoping for less add-ons as I am a bit of a competitionist and it was only a few months back that Myth beat the crud out of my pocketbook but in the end I am glad to have the variety of teams not just for the game but for some pretty cool minis for other games. I am already thinking about some fun Savage Worlds adventures that can use these guys...

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    sitting up at gone midnight waiting to hit the 1500th KBL passholder. trying to quell the mispaced enthusiasm that backers and passholders were the same....

    kind of dumb really as clearly from lunchtime that day we were going to get there, but i just had to see it tick over. and it was well cool seeing that my geekness was being matched by other folks doing the same around the world. people I'd never met, or even conversed with getting excited about a game that none of us has ever played.

    mad as fish really

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