What team are you most excited to field?
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Thread: What team are you most excited to field?

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    Default What team are you most excited to field?

    I'm just wondering if people are excited for a particular team or are gonna be more strategic players who decide their favorite team later. I for one love goblins in any game and am definitely gonna play goblins as much as possible, even if I'm terrible with them.

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    I really like variaty, I will try to switch as much as possible.
    (Even if I think one team looks way cooler than the others )

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    I will like to try all the teams.
    The problem is that, every team will play 'different' depending on the ringer/s you got and the upgrades you're using.
    The possibilities aren't endless but they surely are enough to have players a bit occupied for a time.

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    I'm going to try to play all teams, just like I do in Summoner Wars(16 Factions). But I'll start with Lycans, Samurai, Goblins and Hellcats.

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    Same here, I am looking forward to trying all of the teams!

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    I'll certainly play with all the teams I've got, but I'm very excited to try out the Goblins... And if I manage to get Panther as a Ringer, it'll be a great start. =P

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    I need to try every team!

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    For me, it's a three way split: Lycans, because being able to field five bruisers or runners as needed is awesome; Samurai, because of the mind games I'll be able to play with my opponent, and Klockwerks, because who doesn't love steampunk?

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    Myself it's Pirates, Goblins, Paragons, and Hellcats.

    I'm still waiting on finding out the actual height/scale of the Hellcats so I can prepare to modify them among other things.

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    I plan to play a lot of Zombies, Pirates, Hellcats, Barbarians, and Samurai. I've got some awesome strategies in mind already. Different Ringers to play with different teams, and upgrades, etc.

    Mostly, I can't wait to paint my 270+ minis! Going to try and give each Runner and Bruiser their own unique look within their team's color scheme. Going to be a lot of fun!

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    I can't wait to see that, Paperface.
    Maybe even steal some of your ideas.
    February gives me time to buy all of the paints needed for this adventure. Possibly even more Magic Sculp too if I want to modify the figures (which I probably will) or sculpt some complimentary figures (Cheerleaders or Refs in the same style of their respective teams).

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    Oh man, I'm going to have to steal that, cheerleaders, refs, etc. Maybe I'll add some custom bases. This game looks so fantastic on it's own, it'll be fun to add some more flash to the already flashy models.

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    haha. We'll just steal each other's every idea!
    It's why I can't wait for the actual dimensions of the model so that I can begin working on this!

    I wish all of the teams had a slightly uniform logo so that you could paint them on their bases. The only one that seems to be a complete hassle is the Amazons logo.

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    I'm very much looking forward to playing Daemons and Zombies. But all of the teams look great so I look forward to trying all of them

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    Just looked through all the teams again, and I must admit that I look forward to try all of them. Even the Ogres and the Fangs that I initially wasn't so happy about.

    and then I start thinking about all the combinations I want to try... Mindblowing!!!

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    I do not think about combinations atm. Anything is possible in the mind of a real strategist. You can trurn any situation to your own advantage in every game ( As long as Eric balanced the game).

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