Hey guys, I've got a bunch of stuff to sell/trade. So here’s a rough breakdown of what I have:
1. A squad of dark eldar scourges. They are allprimed black with a simple base done, three of them are painted (so they needto be stripped) and because of that I’m willing to sell them pretty cheap.
2. Illic Nightspear- He’s fully painted, somewhatclose to the studio paint scheme.(pictures will be up on this site soon)
3. New unused Citadel paints- gehenna’s gold, balthasar gold,sycorax bronze, astrogranite(texture), mourn mountain snow(texture) and an oldhawk turquoise. (USD$2)
4. A load of warhammer 40k books, the older titlesmostly.
5. A painted dark elf mounted dreadlord (finecast)
6. Malifaux show girls box set. They’ve beenstripped of paint already, except for Cassandra.
I’ve given more details of the items here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XAjtPQKRN-o . If interested do drop me a pm at : kellycci@live.com