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    Hi guys,
    I was just wondering if anyone could recommend a camera, I am currently using my mobile phone to take pictures of models (Galaxy s3), but would like to get a decent camera that I can utilise solely for miniature photography. I have a budget of around£150-£200 and really can't go any higher than that, I would like something compact so no DSLRs...
    Thanks in advance for any help

    After a bit of searching I think I have narrowed it down to 2...PANASONIC DMC-LZ20 or FUJIFILM FinePix S2980, opinions?
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    I'm using an older finepix myself and it gets the job done- but it's really motion sensitive. I don't know about current cameras where it's simply a matter of adjusting, but a macro lens or feature is a must since you'll be photographing things 8-12 inches away. I got mine for about $150 US years ago and I;m still using it. For me it pays to look for specific features and get a camera that has them versus all the bells and whistles. Yeah, so the camera can take HD video with sound- are you ever going to use that? Just something to think about.

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    Either is good really. Hell, I use and old HP camera for my WIP stuff and a Nikon D3000 for the display pics. We got the Nikon for family stuff and using it for minis was what sealed the deal for my wife because she didn't want to pay a ton for a camera only to have it sit there unused when we weren't out doing something picture worthy. Get a tripod or a small tabletop tripod for the macro shooting. That way you can set it to timer and get nice crisp photos as opposed to a blurry mess.
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    thanks guys, I will go into a store and check both out, as in my budget they seem to give the best for my money...
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