Posting new minis pics on our FB page
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Thread: Posting new minis pics on our FB page

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    Default Posting new minis pics on our FB page

    Hey all!

    Once a day for the next couple of weeks I'll be posting new pics of a mini as we get it.

    They'll be on our public Facebook page, where anyone can view and like them:

    Exciting times!

    Eric of Moonshire

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    That's so awesome. Although, those make it seem like they'll have to be attached to the bases... If so, that's awesome!

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    They look realy neat, I looked at the 1st one and thought shes neat, scrolled down and though hes cool now I dont know which ones are better. . they are all awesome

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    These minis really look great!
    But... maybe it's just me, but something about that ninja seems strange to me. Maybe it's because her eyes look different from the printed ninja. Or maybe, I think it's because her hand looks like there's something under it, like a big glove or something? Anyway, I really like the minis. Just wanted to hear if I'm the only one who has a strange feeling about the ninja.

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    The Zombie miniature displayed today, really looks like the Bruiser on a Runner base!!!??

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